Will ClickFunnels Go Public and Trade on the Stock Market?

ClickFunnels is the leading sales funnel builder, and it has over 100,000 users. It is a big company with an equally big footprint in the world of marketing. With such an impressive presence in the world of online marketing, many have wondered if ClickFunnels will ever go public.

ClickFunnels is unlikely to go public because there is no need for it. It was fully self-funded at launch, has great valuation, and none of its competitors are public. The founders want to have full control, and no information has been released to show that the company is interested in an IPO.

We’ll dig into some of the reasons why the company will not go public. We can’t predict the future, though! So, to give a comprehensive view of the situation, a few reasons why the company might consider going public have also been covered.

Why ClickFunnels Will Not Go Public?

ClickFunnels is a highly successful marketing platform that has helped hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs create successful business models.

Conventional wisdom might suggest that such a successful company would opt to go public.

But a complicated process involving a lot of paperwork and compliance needs to occur if a company wants to go public.

The company’s structure also has to change during the transition from a privately owned and operated business to one that is open to public trading and control.

Despite its success, ClickFunnels might not intend to go public any time soon. Here are some of the reasons why.

1. ClickFunnels Founders Control the Company

As with many startups in the online sphere, ClickFunnels was founded by two passionate entrepreneurs.

Russell Brunson and Todd Dickerson ventured into the world of online marketing and funnel building with a clearly-defined mission to help other entrepreneurs.

The success, direction, and mission of ClickFunnels have thus benefited from a hands-on strategy developed by its founders.

The two founders are still directly involved in the company’s growth, and all indicators show that they want to keep it this way.

Keeping the company private will enable them to maintain control and direction of the business.

Their approach has been successful so far, so the company will likely continue to flourish under their direction.

ClickFunnels Founders Control the Company

2. ClickFunnels Has a Proven Success Model

As previously mentioned, ClickFunnels is a company that has already found success. The company has a niche following and is one of the current leaders in its market.

The revenue numbers are good, and new customers are always coming in. The company’s proven success model has kept it going for nearly a decade.

Companies usually go public intending to get more funding. ClickFunnels generates enough revenue that they might not need any further funding.

Furthermore, the company’s founders have created a ClickFunnels manifesto that states that “Funnel Hackers never go public”.

Since this is something they have already taken a stance on, it’s unlikely to change anytime soon.

3. None of ClickFunnels’ Competitors Are Public Companies

Looking at the top online marketing and funnel-building companies, one common theme across all of them is that none of the companies are public.

Taking a company to the public is not always a good idea. Startups, in particular, are better off when they have a passionate founder at the helm.

This is why so many startups in the online and tech world never go public. ClickFunnels is also in a space where marketing is the main driver for customer acquisition.

Therefore, it might not make sense to list the company publicly.

4. ClickFunnels Already has Good Valuation and Funding

ClickFunnels has a good valuation of over $360 million, according to figures. The company has a huge revenue base, and it has consistently been profitable over the years.

My guide on ClickFunnels’ Revenue Generating Model will give you more insights into how the company makes its money.

These numbers are already great, so there is no need for the company to announce a public IPO (initial public offering).

The company already undertook a single round of funding back in 2013.

History has shown that less successful companies often opt for a public IPO to raise more funds to expand and grow.

Thus, it would be surprising to see ClickFunnels opt for more funding via a public listing when the private investment of its founders has seen it become one of the biggest names in marketing and funnel building.

5. Financial Costs and Implications of Going Public

Going public comes with a lot of legal complications and paperwork.

ClickFunnels would need to consult with lawyers, accountants, bankers, and many other professionals to transition from private to public.

The process would also cost a lot of money.

In addition to the consultation fees and paperwork, publicly-listed companies also have to undergo rigorous compliance checks that can cost millions of dollars.

There are also insurance costs involved, and the process of appointing a board for the company would be long and arduous.

Taking these challenges into account, it is clear why ClickFunnels is better off as a private company.

Financial Costs & Implications of Going Public

Why ClickFunnels Might Go Public?

Companies might decide to go public to acquire more funding, for publicity, for longevity or because there has been a change in the leadership structure.

Although ClickFunnels doesn’t seem to be going public anytime soon, certain factors could lead them there in the future.

Let’s explore some of the key factors that would prompt this company to launch a public IPO.

1. New Acquisitions and a Chance for Growth

Recently, ClickFunnels has acquired several startups, including Doodly, Toonly, Voomly, Talkia, and Automatic Script.

All these startups are in the sales and marketing realm, and they offer a variety of services. The acquisitions highlight the growth strategy and future vision of ClickFunnels.

Going public is often part of the long-term strategy when companies begin to rack up acquisitions.

As ClickFunnels continues to expand its reach by acquiring new software, tools, and ventures, it could ultimately become big enough to warrant a board and a full organizational structure.

Transitioning from a small startup to a big organization may require going from private to public. These new acquisitions could be the start of that transition.

2. Prepare for the Exit Strategy of Founders

Every company undergoes leadership changes at some point in time.

Most startups see their founders transition into less active roles on the board after many years of success.

Thus, it is not farfetched to assume that the founders of ClickFunnels (Russell Brunson and Todd Dickerson) might consider taking some backseat roles in the future.

Startup entrepreneurs often find themselves involved in other ventures, which might prompt them to take their successful company public.

ClickFunnels is already a huge name in its market, so it would likely be well-received in the public sphere.

The company has the option of announcing a public IPO to ensure its longevity well after the exit of its founders.

3. Gain More Publicity and Funding

ClickFunnels is undoubtedly a famous name in online marketing and funnel builders. Regardless, the company is not as well known in other business circles.

Going public comes with much-needed publicity that can benefit any company.

Considering that the competitors of ClickFunnels have been growing consistently in recent years, an IPO would push the company to new heights in terms of publicity.

Several online companies went public in 2021, creating a massive buzz across the media.

Good publicity cements the name of a company and also attracts additional funding. Going public could put ClickFunnels’ name on the map in a big way!

Gain More Publicity & Funding

ClickFunnels is Unlikely to Go Public

ClickFunnels is unlikely to go public in the foreseeable future because the company has a proven success model.

The founders of the company are actively involved in the company’s growth, and it is uncommon for privately-funded companies in the marketing and online sales realm to go public.

Since no information has been released to indicate that the company intends to go public, we can only conclude that the current goal is to keep the company private.

Keep your eye on ClickFunnels, though! You never know what the future might bring.

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