Which Funnel Is Best? | Details, PROs, and CONs

You can use different funnels for marketing purposes, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for all businesses. Therefore, it is important to select the right funnel for your business based on your specific needs and goals.

One of the best funnels is the sales letter/lead magnet funnel because it works for most types of businesses. It applies to both physical products and digital services. You can also use squeeze pages and tripwire funnels, which help you to generate leads and upsell your products or services.

Although there are some popular funnels, the best funnel for your business may be a more obscure one. It all depends on your products, services, target audience, and goals. However, to give a general overview, let’s look at the top 3 funnels and how you can use them to improve your business.

The Best Funnels

Funnel TypeProsCons
Sales Letter Funnel– Effective in increasing sales and conversions

– Builds trust and credibility with the reader

– Low-commitment offer
– It’s time-consuming to create the high-quality content

– Better suited to established businesses with a large audience
Squeeze Page Funnel– Quick and easy to set up

– Effective in capturing leads

– Has a low barrier to entry
– Requires traffic to be effective

– May require a high advertising budget

– Not suitable for all industries
Tripwire Funnel– Effective in making money from leads

– The low-priced offer makes it easy to get people to buy
– Not easy to create a compelling tripwire funnel

– Not suitable for all industries and products

– If it fails, you will suffer losses
The Best Funnels

1. Sales Letter Funnel (AKA Lead Magnet Funnel)

The sales letter funnel is at the top of our list, and for good reason. They are one of the most effective means to increase sales and conversions.

They work by providing valuable information to the customer while simultaneously building trust and credibility.

You should offer something of value that will make the reader want to buy from you.

Russell Brunson, the author of Dotcom Secrets, recommends giving away things like: 

  • Free reports
  • e-book
  • Videos

Once you have the reader’s attention, you can present them with a sales offer.

The key to making this funnel work is to ensure that your freebie is high-quality and related to your products or services.

If it’s not, people will unsubscribe from your list or never buy from you. This funnel is effective because it’s a low-commitment offer.

The reader isn’t required to do anything other than submit their email address to get the freebie.

Once they have the give-away, they’re more likely to trust you and buy from you later.

How to Create a Sales Letter Funnel?

There are a few steps you need to take to create an effective sales letter funnel:

  • Choose your lead magnet: Offer something of value in exchange for the reader’s contact information.
  • Create a landing page: This is the page where people will go to sign up for your freebie. You need to include a strong headline, copy that persuades people to sign up, and a call-to-action (CTA) button.
  • Direct traffic to your landing page: The final step is to send traffic to your landing page so people can sign up for your freebie. You can do this through ads, social media, or email marketing.
How to Create a Sales Letter Funnel

Sales Letter Funnel Application

Imagine you’re selling health products. You could give away a free report on the top 10 health myths.

This would be an excellent lead magnet because it’s relevant to your niche, and it’s something that people are interested in.

You can share customer testimonials, social proof, and other types of credibility builders to increase the effectiveness of this funnel.

The approach helps you address potential clients’ pain points.

You should focus on a single offer and try to avoid overwhelming the reader with too many options.

If you are in the following industries, you should consider using a sales letter funnel:

  • Health and fitness
  • Business and entrepreneurship
  • Personal development
  • Technology
  • Dating and relationships
  • Home improvement

This is just a sampling of the areas where you can apply this strategy. If your business can accommodate a sales letter funnel, it is an excellent choice.

2. Squeeze Page Funnel

The squeeze page funnel is the most basic of all the funnels. It is typically one page with an opt-in form to capture leads.

The advantage of this funnel is that it’s quick and easy to set up.

However, it can be difficult to get traffic to your squeeze page unless you have a large audience or are willing to spend money on advertising.

This funnel only works if you already have a lot of subscribers and/or robust traffic sources. 

You need catchy headlines and compelling copy to get people to subscribe. The secret is to create curiosity with your headline.

Then, offer a freebie or discount in exchange for an email address.

Squeeze Funnel Application

This funnel is best used with other marketing channels such as social media or paid advertising.

You can drive traffic to your squeeze page from these platforms and capture leads.

You can effectively use the squeeze page funnel for the following industries:

  • E-commerce
  • SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • Digital products

This funnel can be effective if you have an online store or digital products.

You can drive traffic to your squeeze page with targeted ads and then offer a discount or free shipping for an email address.

You can also use a squeeze page to capture leads in the SaaS industry. After visitors have subscribed, you can offer them a free trial or discount.

Squeeze Funnel Application

3. Tripwire Funnel

The tripwire funnel is similar to the squeeze page funnel, but it comes with an additional offer (the tripwire).

Tripwire offers are usually low-priced products designed to get people to buy. Web hosting companies tend to use this funnel a lot.

They may offer a low-priced product, such as a domain name, and then upsell you on their web hosting services.

With a tripwire funnel, it is easy to make money from leads who wouldn’t have bought anything from you otherwise.

The funnel offers should be compelling enough for people to buy. It also needs to be priced low enough that people don’t feel like you’re taking advantage of them.

Application of Tripwire Funnel

This funnel can work well if you have a product or service that complements your main offer.

For example, you can use an e-book on how to start a business as a tripwire and upsell people on your coaching services.

The strategy is effective in the following industries:

  • E-commerce
  • Information products
  • Coaching and consulting
  • Software development
Application of Tripwire Funnel


There are different types of funnels that you can use for your business. The best funnel for your business depends on your products, services, and industry.

If you’re not sure which funnel to use, start with the squeeze page funnel. It’s quick and easy to set up, and it can be effective in different industries.

However, if your business is established and has a large audience, a sales letter funnel may be better. 

Lastly, the tripwire funnel can be effective in monetizing your dormant audience.

You can use a combination of different funnels to create a custom strategy for your business. After a while, you can identify the funnel(s) that fits best.

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