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Copywriters operate behind the scenes creating eye-catching headlines and persuasive copy for TV, radio, online publications, and more. Their living situation plays a role in helping them maintain their creativity. So, where do copywriters live?

Most copywriters live in states with large cities, such as California, Massachusetts, Washington, Texas, and Colorado. Each of these places offers plenty of opportunities for copywriters. Major companies like Apple and Amazon have headquarters here, so many copywriters prefer living close by.

In this post, we will explore some of the best places in the world for copywriters. These were chosen because of the high concentration of copywriters and job opportunities. We will also discuss the pros and cons of remote copywriting work.

Places Where Many Copywriters Live

Many copywriters live close to agencies and major companies that have a high demand for their services.

These companies and agencies are usually located in big cities, most of which are on the west and east coasts of America. Some popular states for copywriters include:

  • California
  • Massachusetts
  • Colorado
  • Washington
  • Texas

In the above areas, copywriters can work on projects together with other team members. In-person work enables them to collaborate on ideas, revise their drafts, and submit revisions with ease.

Additionally, when huge projects require regular in-person meetings, it becomes easier for copywriters to attend the meetings.

Also, some companies and agencies prefer to hire an in-house copywriter for convenience and accountability.

Copywriters who love to operate in-house must move within reach of their workplace to stay employed.

Living close to the workplace also enables them to build a reputation they can rely on for future transitions.

Alternatively, some copywriters can live where they want as long as they can travel and arrive at work on time.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some locations with the highest concentration of copywriters.

Places Where Many Copywriters Live

1. San Jose, California

San Jose is the largest city in Silicon Valley, Northern California. Silicon Valley is the largest center for the biggest innovations and technology.

As such, companies in this area are desperate for talented copywriters and content marketers. Additionally, San Jose is one of the places that pays high rates for its tech-related salaries.

Consequently, the increased demand for copywriters coupled with attractive paychecks has attracted many copywriters to this region.

The area is also home to some of the world’s giant, high-tech corporations, such as Apple, Adobe, and eBay. It also houses the headquarters of 30+ Fortune 1000 businesses and numerous startups.

So, if you want to work in an innovative, high-tech environment, then San Jose is the place for you.

2. Seattle, Washington

Seattle is another area that’s flooded with writers due to the high number of opportunities. Seattle Metro is the home to several behemoths, such as Amazon and Microsoft.

Similarly, great companies like Zillow, Twitter, and Expedia have outposts situated in this area.

In addition to plenty of jobs and handsome salaries, the city supports a fun and vibrant lifestyle for residents.

Copywriters who live here will enjoy access to the best food, art, and cultural events. For these reasons, many copywriters consider this city to be a writer’s paradise.

3. Austin, Texas

Austin not only has one of the strongest music scenes in the nation, but it also dominates the tech and start-up industry.

About 6% of the jobs here are tech-related, and the city is the home of big businesses like Dell, Yodle, and RetailMeNot.

This has made it easy for copywriters to find positions that they enjoy. The city also hosts the South by Southwest festival, which showcases cutting-edge technology.

As such, it presents copywriters, SEO writers, and marketers with great opportunities to learn and network. In Austin, the average copywriter’s yearly salary is approximately $56,107.

The huge number of available jobs and the attractive pay rate has increased the number of copywriters living here.

4. Boston, Massachusetts

As opposed to several regions in the country, Boston offers a balanced combination of startups and staple businesses.

As such, Boston is rich in opportunities for copywriters who specialize in working with companies such as Hubspot, Trip Advisor, HourlyNerd, etc.

The city also offers a competitive salary. In fact, a copywriter’s salary in Boston is about $89,306 per year. This amount is above the national average by 62%.

Like other cities mentioned above, Boston also offers hundreds of tech-related jobs, so copywriters in the tech niche have plenty of opportunities to benefit from.

So, although the cost of living is high, writers can enjoy a great life in this city.

Can Copywriters Live Anywhere?

The best part about copywriting is that you can work from anywhere in the world if you want to. In copywriting, you do not necessarily have to go to the office every day to get your work done.

Heck, you don’t even need to go to meetings physically unless the circumstances require you to!

If you love where you currently live or want the freedom to travel around the world, copywriting supports your dream.

All you need to get work done is top-notch communication skills, a laptop, and an internet connection. Fortunately, all these requirements are easy to find in the modern era.

Meetings can be conducted online via apps like zoom. This means you can work from anywhere, anytime, as long as you get work done on time.

Should I Work In-office or Remotely?

Where you want to live can be influenced by whether you want to work remotely or in-house.

If you choose to work in-house for a company or agency, you will have to live close to the location of your job for smooth operations.

On the other hand, if you choose to work remotely, you can live anywhere in the world. You also need to consider the perks that each mode of operation offers you.

For example, working in-house can help you relocate to your dream city to work for that company or agency you have always coveted.

It also enables you to build a reputation, thus exposing you to a host of opportunities.

If you work remotely, you will not only avoid high rental costs due to living in a specific area, but you will also avoid the 9-5 hour routine and commuting.

Working remotely also enables you to live in an area that supports your lifestyle. Ultimately, your productivity as a copywriter comes down to the surroundings from which you operate.

Whether you go remote or the official way, you need to choose a location with surroundings that enhance your writing process and productivity.

For instance, if you work from the house, it would be difficult to work productively with neighbors and friends who party all week long.

Choosing an area that has people with similar interests helps you to network and expand your copywriting knowledge.

Should I Work In-office

Final Thoughts

For most remote copywriters, choosing a living location is not a problem because they can live anywhere.

However, most copywriters who want to work in-house for particular companies or agencies have to live in some areas as opposed to others.

Such copywriters need to consider the available opportunities in their cities of interest and the proximity to their place of work.

If you are looking for areas with lots of opportunities and other copywriters to network with, the four cities we mentioned above are an excellent place to start.

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