What Is An Idea In Copywriting? | The Definition

Copywriting is a powerful tactic that can turn brand followers into devoted fans. But sadly, not all copywriting converts this effectively. A good copywriter knows they need a solid idea before they can produce great copy. But what is an idea?

An idea in copywriting is the core concept upon which a marketing message is based. It helps deliver the key message in the right way to ensure the target audience takes the intended action (such as subscribing to an email list, downloading a resource, or completing a purchase).

In this post, we will define an idea in copywriting, discover why it is important and cover the steps you must follow to develop a great idea. Let’s get started.

The Definition Of Idea As Used In Copywriting

A copywriting idea refers to the key message that copy intends to deliver to its audience. This idea is designed to achieve a particular result, such as signing up for a newsletter.

The copy can be in the form of a landing page, ad, email, press release, case study, brochure, or even a DM (direct message). A single piece of copy may include several ideas.

However, to get the best results from your copy, it is wise to focus most of your attention on a single idea. And that brings us to something called the “big idea” in copywriting.

What Is A Big Idea In Copywriting?

A big idea (also referred to as a great idea) forms the basis of a marketing message. It is the element that draws the line between your product and those of your competitor.

A big idea should elicit the right emotions in the target audience. For an idea to be deemed great, it has to possess some specific qualities.

First, the idea should be intellectually and emotionally stimulating. It also needs to be expressed in a concise manner that helps the reader understand it instantly.

This is the goal of every copywriter–to drive the message home in a clear and impactful way.

From the moment your reader reads your headline and the first few words, they should think, “Yes this is something I would love to have”.

If an idea cannot elicit this type of reaction from your readers, then it is neither big nor compelling. Thus, it needs to be reworked.

The first impression is crucial because without triggering a feeling of anticipation and satisfaction, your idea will go unnoticed and so will your product.

Second, a big idea should be interesting and new to the reader. But, that does not mean that you have to reinvent the wheel every time you write.

It simply means you should be able to express something that has been said before in a new and captivating way.

However, remember that when an idea seems to work, many people will copy the concept. This leads to oversaturation and causes the idea to lose power.

So, even if you have a new and innovative product with an old idea, readers will ignore it because they have heard about it before. Work hard to keep things fresh and exciting!

What is big idea in copywriting

Why Is It Important To Develop A Great Idea For Your Copy?

A great idea has the potential to get a person to change their attitudes, beliefs and preferences. And, since an idea is the focal point of your copy‌, it is vital to your copywriting message.

That said, here are some benefits you will reap from taking the time to come up with a great idea.

It Helps A Product To Stand Out From The Competition

Several businesses leverage the power of the internet to sell their products online. Online businesses sell through various ways such as Google ads, social media ads, content marketing, etc.

Subsequently, the competition is fierce as each brand strives to get noticed. The core aim of online marketing is to grab the attention of potential buyers and convert them through powerful copy.

To convert your audience, you need to get them to take the action you desire. But that cannot happen if you do not have a great idea behind your copy.

It Makes The Message Powerful And Easy To Comprehend

Although people are individually complicated, a great idea has universal appeal that can cut through their doubts.

When you base your message on a big idea, the message becomes more powerful and easy to understand.

Also, when you focus on a clear idea, it becomes easier to write your copy in a straightforward and succinct manner.

Focusing on a single idea makes your sales copy effective as opposed to writing about several random ideas. The more points you add, the more muddled your message becomes.

The result is copy that has little to no impact on your audience. This is because multiple points compete for attention and creates confusion.

A great idea knits your points together and ensures that each item leads back to the central focus of the copy.

How To Develop A Great Copywriting Idea?

Now that you know what a copywriting idea is and why it is important, you probably want to know how to come up with your own!

The truth is, coming up with a game-changing idea is not simple. After all, if it were easy, everyone would do it. However, you can treat the five steps below as a guide to creating and refining ideas.

Step 1: Research

Although some people may argue that sitting around and waiting can produce great ideas, research is a better place to start.

When doing in-depth research about the product, you become a consumer of information. In turn, this information forms a basis for incubating new ideas.

Step 2: Capture The Exceptional Details

The more information you consume, the easier it will be for you to capture the unique details that no one else does. The exceptional details stand out and impress your readers when they read your copy.

Step 3: Read Your Ideas Out Loud

As a copywriter, your sole purpose is to write words down. However, there is power in speaking or reading your ideas verbally.

It helps to hear how your idea sounds and if it is compelling. Hearing the idea aloud may help you improve the copy.

Step 4: Use The 5 Ws

Asking several questions is the key to getting to the bottom of an idea. It helps cover some valuable aspects that you may have overlooked earlier.

The 5 Ws (why, where, when, who, and what) are good questions to start with.

Step 5: Test Your Idea

Finally, test the impact of your idea by sharing it with others. Watch their reaction closely and ask for feedback. If you do not get an “aha” reaction, it is time to go back to the drawing board.

how to develop a great copywriting idea

Final Thoughts

When you start your copywriting career, the new concepts and terms can be confusing. But over time, they will become clear.

For now, you know what a copywriting idea is and why it is important to develop one. If you want to write a compelling copy that gets results, you must take the time to come up with a great idea for your copy.

This way, your copy will be easier to write and will make a greater impact. Continually tweak and improve your idea until your copy creates the effect you want.

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