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One of the most effective copywriting techniques is PAS: Problem, Agitation, Solution. Copywriters use PAS to get readers interested in a product or service by first describing a problem that needs solving, then agitating that problem with scary statistics or emotional language, and finally offering a solution in the form of their product or service.

PAS copywriting examples include Filthy Rich Writer’s emails, I Will Teach You To Be Rich homepage, The List Producer’s about page, Smalls’ homepage, and Basecamp Page info. GoDaddy’s commercial: Tools for Every First is also a great PAS formula example in copywriting.

PAS is an effective technique because it speaks to the reader’s pain points and offers them a solution. Let’s take a closer look at some brands and how they use PAS to sell their products or services.

Examples of PAS Copywriting

1. Filthy Rich Writer Emails

When I first saw Filthy Rich Writer’s emails, I was impressed by how well they used PAS to sell their writing course. This recent one got my attention: Why do people say copywriting is hard to get into?

Filthy Rich Writer Emails

The email starts by describing a problem: Many people want to get into copywriting but think it’s too hard.

Then, it agitates that problem with a statement that if you haven’t heard this statement, you will hear it soon.

Finally, it offers a solution: Filthy Rich Writer’s recent podcast episode. The email also provides a link to a video version of the podcast to make it more accessible.

When creating a PAS copy, you must ensure that each section flows smoothly into the next. You want to keep the reader focused on the problem, agitate it, and offer a solution.

Because emails are usually short, they’re ideal for PAS copywriting. You can get your point across quickly and effectively without overwhelming the reader.

How Filthy Rich Writer Uses PAS

  • Problem: Many people want to get into copywriting but think it’s too hard.
  • Agitation: If you haven’t heard this statement, you will hear it soon.
  • Solution: Filthy Rich Writer’s recent podcast episode.

Unlike some examples, Filthy Rich Writer doesn’t use much emotional language to agitate the problem. Instead, they rely on the reader’s curiosity to keep them hooked.

This approach can work well if you have a fascinating solution to offer.

If your product or service is not as interesting, you should find another way to agitate the problem so that people will want to stick around for the solution.

2. I Will Teach You To Be Rich Homepage

This is a series of PAS paragraphs crafted to create a sense of urgency for the reader by addressing different pain points.

First, Ramit Sethi addresses the money problem of putting your finances in order. He then agitates this problem by highlighting how most people feel stressed and overwhelmed about money.

Then he offers a solution in the form of answers to all your money problems and a plan to help you achieve your financial goals.

The second paragraph on the page focuses on another pain point: The desire to work on your own terms. Who doesn’t want to be their own boss and set their own hours?

I Will Teach You To Be Rich Homepage

Ramit agitates this problem by describing the freedom of working for yourself. He then offers a solution in the form of his course, which will teach you how to start your business from scratch.

The third paragraph focuses on the pain point of dreading work. Nobody wants to feel like they’re stuck in a job they hate.

The agitation is about how rare it is to find a dream job that offers flexibility and great perks. In the solution, the entrepreneur offers resources to help you love your job or find a new one.

How Does Ramit Sethi Use PAS?

Through a series of PAS paragraphs, Ramit Sethi creates a sense of urgency for the reader by addressing different needs.

Each section focuses on a different pain point and agitates it before offering a solution in Ramit’s course or free resources. The result is an effective PAS sales page that converts readers into subscribers.

3. The List Producer About Page

Paula Rizzo has a humorous way of asking questions that tickle your curiosity and make you want to know more about her and her services.

The About Page presents several problems we face, such as forgetfulness and disorganization.

She lists a few scenarios where someone might need her services, like forgetting to pay a bill, pack lunch or write something down.

The List Producer About Page

After giving more relevant scenarios, she says improving in these areas is not a pipe dream. Her solution is a list service that will help you remember the important things and live a more organized life.

How Does Paula Rizzo Use PAS?

Paula Rizzo’s about page is an excellent example of how to use PAS to sell a service. She starts by asking questions that address common pain points like forgetfulness and disorganization.

Then, she offers a solution in the form of her list service. Her playful and conversational tone makes the reader feel like they are in good hands.

It’s relatable and makes readers believe that she can help solve their problems.

4. GoDaddy Commercial: Tools for Every First

PAS is applicable to video scripts as well as written content. For example, in this GoDaddy commercial, they use storytelling to sell their services.

The ad highlights the needs of businesses from the initial stages to the point where they are ready to go public.

GoDaddy Commercial Tools for Every First

GoDaddy promises to be there with the tools businesses need to succeed in each stage. The commercial ends with a call to action that prompts viewers to check out their services.

How GoDaddy Commercial Uses PAS

We are used to seeing PAS in action on web pages and blog posts, but this GoDaddy commercial is a good example of how to use it in a video format.

The commercial starts by highlighting the needs of businesses at different stages. This builds trust with the viewer by showing that GoDaddy understands the challenges businesses face.

Finally, they offer a solution through their services and tools. The commercial ends with a call to action for businesses to use GoDaddy as their trusted partner.

Using PAS, GoDaddy effectively sells its services in a short video format.

5. Smalls Homepage

The pet industry is quite competitive, so pet businesses need to stand out. Smalls does this by using PAS tactics on their homepage.

They start by talking about the pain points of pet owners. One is the problem of cheap cat foods that contain excess carbs, grains, and other ingredients.

The agitation point is that most of these ingredients are fillers and can harm your cat’s health.

Smalls Homepage

The solution that Smalls offers is ultra-high protein food that is filler-free. They also have a section on their website that goes into more detail about the benefits of their food.

How Does Smalls Use PAS?

Going straight to the point is one of the things that makes Smalls’ homepage so effective. First, the company highlights the needs of pet owners, which is sure to get the attention of the readers.

After that, they offer a solution in the form of their ultra-high protein food. Unlike other pet food brands, they don’t try to hide the fact that their food is more expensive.

6. Basecamp Page Info

This project management platform has mastered the art of using PAS to sell its services.

They highlight the project managers’ problems to show that they relate to the struggles of managing people and projects.

Basecamp Page Info

The agitation point is that most software makes things more complicated than necessary. Basecamp’s solution is a simple and effective platform that makes project management easy.

How Does Basecamp Use PAS?

Software companies must be cautious when using PAS because there are many options. Basecamp does a great job by starting with the problems that project managers face.

Lastly, they offer a solution in the form of their simple and effective platform. Doing this shows why their software is the best option for project managers.

Final Thoughts

PAS copywriting is a great way to sell your products or services. Remember to start with the pain points of your target audience, then offer a solution in the form of your product or service.

Finally, end with a call to action that encourages your readers to take the next step. The key is to be clear, concise, and persuasive. If you can do this, you’ll be well on your way to writing compelling PAS copy.

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