Is Copywriting Worth Learning? | 5 Compelling Reasons

Nowadays, copywriting skills are being used everywhere. Businesses use copywriting in every aspect from their branding to their sales processes. So, if you’re weighing your career options, you may be wondering if learning copywriting is worthwhile.

Regardless of your current profession, copywriting is worth learning. Copywriters learn how to persuade people to take a specific action. So learning copywriting refines the communication skills that you can use to influence others. It also makes your writing compelling and easy to understand.

In this post, we will discover why copywriting is worth learning. Anybody can pick up this skill and it applies to almost any job you can think of! Want to know how you can start learning? Let’s dive in!

Should I Learn Copywriting?

When it comes to copywriting, it doesn’t matter what your job is. Copywriting teaches you a huge host of skills that you will find useful in your day-to-day life.

Whether you need to sell items or convince an interview panel to form partnerships, you will find numerous opportunities to apply your copywriting skills.

Here are a few compelling reasons to learn copywriting.

1. Copywriting Helps Hone Your Communication Skills

Whether you’re creating short-form or long-form content, the reason behind creating copy is to convince someone to take a specific action.

However, you cannot convince anybody if you cannot communicate clearly. The most effective advertisements are barely 30 seconds long, and the best taglines are three words or less.

In an era where attention spans are dwindling, this proves that the shorter the message is, the easier it is to remember.

It’s hard to make an impact with such limited time and space, but copywriters can create effective copy that resonates.

Copywriting thrives on conciseness. Therefore, copywriters have to choose their words carefully so they can accurately convey the intended message without being misunderstood.

Mastering the art of copywriting will improve how you communicate by ensuring that you use the right words in the right context.

In turn, you will be a better communicator whether you’re handling a workplace situation or dealing with your relationships and other daily interactions.

Copywriting Helps Hone Your Communication Skills

2. Copywriting Helps You Become Better At Marketing Yourself

One of the best skills that copywriting teaches you is the art of persuasion. The ability to convince others is an important skill because every time you communicate, you are trying to sell yourself.

You are trying to share your thoughts, ideas, or beliefs. The other party can either agree or disagree with you.

The difference between succeeding or failing  in life is drawn by a thin line—the ability to convince others.

Copywriting teaches you the art of using human psychology and emotions to persuade people to take action.

Armed with an understanding of how human brains work, copywriters are able to push the right buttons to influence people.

In addition to using psychology, copywriting teaches you various marketing principles like scarcity and social proof. When you use these effectively, you can trigger your target audience to take action.

3. Copywriting Teaches You To Conduct Proper Research

So far, it is clear that copywriting can help you become a better salesperson.

The question is how? Before you can convince people to buy something from you, you need to understand that person and what they are looking for.

The copywriting process challenges you to find out who your target audience is, where they like hanging out, and some of the pain points they are experiencing.

You can only figure that out by performing in-depth research. For instance, copywriting teaches you how to ask the right questions.

In turn, you will be able to adjust your subsequent arguments to match your audience’s expectations. It also shows you how to use the internet to conduct effective research.

Compelling copy uses reliable data, which you may not find through a simple Google search.

When you learn copywriting, you’ll also learn how to use the internet to discover facts that are worth sharing with your audience.

Copywriting Teaches You To Conduct Proper Research.

4. Copywriting Can Help You Start And Grow Your Online Business

Starting a business is not only risky, but it is also difficult. Getting clients is one of the worst nightmares new business owners face.

This is because of stiff competition, inadequate knowledge about the market, and the skepticism of people who are wary about buying from a new brand.

Copywriting enables you to create attention-grabbing and persuasive content for your online brand.

In addition, you can utilize copywriting techniques like social proof and money-back guarantees to prove that your online business is trustworthy.

This comes in handy for new businesses that need to establish a reputation for themselves. Given the nature of online business and stiff competition, merely having an online presence is not enough.

You also need solid content on your social media, landing pages, sales pages, and more. This applies across various content formats, whether it be blogs, podcasts, or YouTube videos.

Ultimately, possessing copywriting skills is a plus for any online business owner. If you do not possess these skills yourself, you may want to hire a professional that can bring in the results you need.

5. Copywriting Opens Doors To A Lucrative Career

Your career is another important area of your life that can benefit from learning copywriting. As a skill, copywriting is in high demand, which means you will have a promising career after mastering the art.

All businesses, big and small, are dependent on copywriting for most of their operations, from branding and designing to marketing and sales.

The demand is incredible, and all businesses are looking for skilled copywriters.

So, if you learn copywriting, you will be investing in a career path that provides you with plenty of job opportunities.

As if that is not enough, being a copywriter means you have a lot of freedom. If you hate the 9–5 routine, you can work at your own pace by freelancing.

Working as a freelance copywriter means you can travel the world and take your job with you.

Similarly, if you want to work from a specific location like any other regular job, you can become an in-house copywriter who works full-time at a company or an agency.

In addition, copywriting jobs pay fairly well.

However, how much you can earn depends on a lot of factors, such as your skill level, the company you work for, your subject matter expertise, and your level of experience.

Smaller companies tend to have lower budgets, which means you’ll make less compared to big-name brands.

Also, if you are a beginner, you’re likely to begin with lower rates as you work your way up. If your skills are top-notch, there are companies that are willing to pay top dollar for copy that converts.

How To Start Learning Copywriting?

Whether you are hoping to start a solid copywriting career or simply improve your persuasive skills for your day-to-day interactions, there are several methods you can use to become a copywriting master.

In this section, we will discuss some of the best methods to help you get started with this skill.

Before we get started, it is important to note that there are various types of copywriting and some methods are better suited to certain forms than others.

Examples of copywriting forms include direct response copywriting, SEO copywriting, email copywriting, website copywriting, etc.

Most learning methods, like books and courses, apply across the various types of copywriting. However, we will also talk about how you can learn specific forms of copywriting in this section.

1. Take Courses To Learn SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriting involves combining SEO best practices with persuasive writing to produce content that not only gets people to take action but also ranks highly in search engine algorithms.

Since SEO copywriting is both an art and a science, you need to get the right information to make your learning journey easier and more productive.

Luckily, there are several online courses (free and paid) that you can use to get started. More often than not, it is better to start with beginner’s courses if you have no experience.

Once you are familiar with the basics, you can work your way up to more advanced courses. Similarly, your course option also depends on your budget.

One of the best free SEO copywriting courses is Hubspot’s SEO Certification Course. Here, you will learn everything you need to know about SEO, such as link building and keyword research.

At the end of the course, you will get a free certificate. On the other hand, there are numerous paid courses with varying prices.

The Recipe for SEO Success by Kate Toon is one of the best investments you can make toward becoming an expert copywriter.

It covers everything from the basics of SEO, technical SEO, e-commerce SEO, and how to measure SEO success.

Take Courses To Learn SEO Copywriting

Reasons To Take An SEO Course

  • SEO copywriting is both technical and broad. Most courses offer an organized framework that simplifies the learning process.
  • Courses cover everything you need to learn from the basics upwards.
  • Many courses are created by SEO specialists, thus giving you the opportunity to learn from the experts.
  • Courses offer an organized strategy that saves you time by eliminating trial and error.

2. Read Ad Copywriting Books

Although often overlooked, books are rich in information for those who are willing to read them. There are tons of books you can choose from to help you learn ad copywriting.

The only challenge with books is that you have to do the learning by yourself. Therefore, to get the most out of a book, you need patience and consistency to keep learning.

Many experts suggest reading books while taking notes to help retain what you learn. Let’s take a quick look at some of the best advertising copywriting books ever written.

One of the most outstanding copywriting books is called Ogilvy On Advertising by David Ogilvy. In this book, you will learn about what makes a good advertisement copy.

And the best part is that you will be learning all of that from the viewpoint of the advertising legend himself.

This book is loaded with tons of advertising examples and provides actionable ideas that you can implement even as an absolute beginner.

Although the book was written decades ago, you’ll be amazed at how many points remain relevant today. Another excellent book is Tested Advertising Methods by John Caples.

The author is known for two of the most famous advertising headlines, including “Do you make these mistakes in English?”

John’s book will teach you how to test different variables to ensure you only run the most effective ads.

In the book, Caples presents his 35 tried-and-true headline formulas as well as advice on how to test commercials and improve audience reactions.

In this data-driven era of marketing, this book presents the foundations that may be used to write headlines, offers, call-to-action content, and more.

Reasons To Read Books On Advertising Copywriting

  • They are written by experts which means you will learn tried and true formulas.
  • They are cheaper compared to courses and coaches.
  • They are readily available. All you need to do is buy a hard copy on Amazon or download a pdf or audio file. You can start learning right away.
  • You can learn as fast or as slow as you want.

3. Watch YouTube Videos To Learn Email And Newsletter Copywriting

You can learn about any skill on YouTube, and email copywriting is no exception. The trick to getting the most out of YouTube is to follow the experts and listen to the strategies that worked for them.

Again, you need to constantly practice the techniques, otherwise learning without implementing is a waste of time.

There are several YouTube channels for copywriting that you can subscribe to for regular updates on copywriting.

Better yet, most of these YouTube channels have websites and blogs you can visit to learn more. Ashlyn Writes is one of the best YouTube channels for learning email copywriting.

She actually shares a video on, “How to write your email newsletters like a pro.” She also shares the secrets behind email marketing and how to write better newsletters.

Another channel worth subscribing to is Alex Catonni. Alex Cattoni is a copywriter with over 10 years of experience and a coach at Copy Posse.

Her channel is full of binge-worthy videos on freelance copywriting.

From her channel, you will learn several copywriting tips, from how to become a freelance copywriter and get your first client to how to write emails that double conversions and much more.

How To Start Learning Copywriting

Reasons To Learn Email And Newsletter Copywriting On Youtube

  • Unlike books, YouTube allows you to watch demonstrations which can come in handy for step-by-step tutorials
  • YouTube tutorials are relatively short, which makes it easier for you to learn and implement ideas in bits. It also improves your knowledge retention.
  • It enables you to collect various videos to create a library of copywriting videos you can revisit anytime from your mobile phone

Wrapping It Up

Copywriting is based on the art of persuasion, careful word choice, and the ability to emphasize. Learning copywriting equips you with all these skills.

In turn, you’ll gain the ability to use words to influence people. Ultimately, whether you are a lawyer, a doctor, or a marketer, you will need to use persuasion skills at some point.

Copywriting will help you break into a promising career and you will enjoy better interactions in your daily life.

Does this sound like something you’d love? Start learning copywriting today by watching YouTube videos, reading copywriting books, or taking courses.

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