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If you own a business and are looking for ways to promote your products, you may be exploring different options. Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to acquire new customers, and hiring professionals for each stage is expensive. In your search, perhaps you’ve heard someone mention ClickFunnels, yet you’re not exactly sure what it is. 

ClickFunnels is not a downloadable software. It’s an online platform where you set up an account and select an appropriate plan. Each plan offers tools to design pages, generate traffic, make sales, automate payments, and predict trends. A big benefit is that everything happens on one platform. 

To use ClickFunnels to its full extent, you’ll need to know what it is and what it can do. This is a powerful software that has a lot of features to explore. If you want to understand how to execute all your marketing strategies without being pulled in different directions, read on.

What is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is a sales funnel builder that automates the marketing process for brands and entrepreneurs. Effective marketing involves a variety of tools and strategies, making it challenging to assess and evaluate the consumer response. 

ClickFunnels offers integrated services to help business owners track consumer behavior and tie it to relevant strategies.

For instance, if you’re starting an online clothing brand, you must create and maintain a social media presence. 

To generate more brand awareness through traffic, you will also have to set up a website with user-friendly landing pages.

And let’s not forget the importance of social media ads and a customer email list.

Business owners would have to stretch themselves thin to monitor all these marketing stages and predict potential customer responses.

ClickFunnels resolves this struggle by providing all these tools in one place. 

But do you need to download ClickFunnels like some software to learn how to use it? 


As an online platform, ClickFunnels merely requires you to sign up and choose a plan that suits your needs.

After these two steps, you can choose a sales funnel template and start the process of generating and converting leads while having all of your tools integrated.

This eliminates the need for you to have technical skills like coding or web design. With ClickFunnels, anyone can set up an efficient website or sales funnel.

ClickFunnels gets rid of the technicalities of necessary, yet complicated, steps. It gives you the power to create a connected brand strategy.

Using its sales funnel template, entrepreneurs can create points of contact for potential customers.

These points of contact effectively guide customers step-by-step to the final checkout stage.

This means that if a consumer comes across your social media page, ClickFunnels will ensure that they can easily proceed to your website’s landing page. 

What is ClickFunnels

What Can ClickFunnels Do?

Even though you might understand what ClickFunnels is by now, I think it would be helpful for you to get acquainted with its specific features that will be helpful for your business.

1. Landing Page Builder

To generate and maintain your traffic, the landing page for your brand’s website needs to be simple and efficient.

ClickFunnels lets you create multiple landing pages within a few clicks. While using the funnel editor, you can choose any of the templates from its gallery.

The funnel editor also helps you customize your landing pages using the drag and drop functions. 

2. One-Click Upsells 

This single-click purchase not only optimizes the shopping experience for your customers but also cuts down on your expenses since you don’t need to hire a developer for coding.

ClickFunnels’ smart shopping carts carefully place back-end offers when your customers reach the payment stage of the process.

One-click upsells are targeted packages and products that automatically show up as your customer is about to purchase.

They should be relevant to the product in their cart so that the offer makes sense.

By adding upsells to your sales funnel, you can multiply purchases and nudge your customers to consider the other products you offer.

3. Marketing Automation 

Following up with your customers is critical for your sales and marketing process.

Some studies show that customers may need up to 5 follow-ups before they’re convinced to buy.

But this process gets repetitive and requires timely responses in order to persuade leads.

Managing everything individually would be a nightmare, but ClickFunnels can help.

ClickFunnels automates this process by tracking customers’ clicked links, past purchases, and abandoned carts.

Using this information, it creates trigger emails that promote brand products with a customer-focused approach. 

This level of automation ensures a timely response to customer behavior. You can also build rapport and maintain engagement using promotional emails. 

4. Domain Hosting 

Since ClickFunnels focuses on keeping everything in one place to simplify your marketing process, it also offers domain hosting.

You can use paid or free domains and subdomains for your business through the platform.

By allowing users to select a single domain for multiple funnels, ClickFunnels makes its domain hosting more convenient.

You can also customize the domains you have registered through the platform.

Domain Hosting

5. Performance Analytics

ClickFunnels uses its analytics tools to process information and observe business performance.

Moreover, it tracks the rate of conversions, website visits, page views, and cart abandonment to predict the patterns and future behavior of consumers.

This feature allows business owners to monitor and evaluate their content and marketing strategies.

The analytics reports can help you relocate your focus where needed, resulting in increased conversions. Users can also add external plug-ins to their sales funnels. 

6. Email Marketing 

ClickFunnels offers a variety of email marketing templates and funnels for B2B and B2C brands.

Using its tools, you can build an extensive email subscriber list and churn out engaging email campaigns for consumers.

This helps you retain potential customers by using cost-effective strategies. 

The email marketing funnels offered on the platform can also be paired with well-designed landing pages.

These pages are all about capturing email addresses from visitors.

7. Affiliate Program 

Through ClickFunnels, you can create an affiliate program for your company without paying an additional fee.

Its built-in Backpack function helps brand owners manage their affiliates while increasing their own sales.

This tool tracks sales and automates the payment of affiliate commissions. Its simple and intuitive dashboard gives users easy access to information.

Moreover, using the comprehensive analytics reports that Backpack provides, you can spot favorable affiliates and choose efficient strategies. 

8. Sales Funnel Templates 

A diverse set of funnel templates are available to ClickFunnels users. These templates are designed to achieve specific business goals and strategies.

Though varying in design and focus, the templates all work towards the conversion of the customer.

Through its sales funnel builder, ClickFunnels concentrates on the gradual progression of the customer through every landing page or designated point of contact.

9. SSL Certification 

SSL certificates signify the security of websites and pages through their encryption.

These are critical for payment pages so that your business does not lose potential revenue because of hacking, phishing, or other cyber-attacks.

ClickFunnels provides SSL certification for all its web pages.

This ensures that your payment gateways are secure and increases brand credibility in the eyes of the consumer. 

SSL Certification

Final Thoughts

ClickFunnels enables you to integrate all your tools and strategies through its online platform.

It’s not software that can be downloaded but rather a platform that you gain access to by paying a subscription fee.

With this program, any type of business can optimize its workflow and focus on generating sales through traffic.

The features are user-friendly, even for those who don’t have previous coding or website experience. 

It’s easy to get started with ClickFunnels, and all sorts of people can benefit from it.

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A proud Indian origin Kiwi who loves to do BJJ and play with his pet bunny when not taking a plunge into the vast ocean of funnel design, email marketing, copywriting, conversions, and customer retention.

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