How To Promote ClickFunnels? | Top 7 Ways

ClickFunnels is a popular platform promoted by many affiliates in the online world. Their affiliate program offers attractive commissions, and there are several products to promote. But what are the best ways to promote ClickFunnels and earn money through their affiliate program?

You can promote ClickFunnels through blogging, Facebook, YouTube, running paid Ads, answering questions on Quora, and creating a service or a course based on ClickFunnels. These are the top methods, but you can also get creative and come up with other ways to promote it because it is adaptable.

This post will explore some of the most effective ways to promote ClickFunnels. Of course, some methods will work better than others for different people, so keep an open mind and think about what will be best for you!

Top 7 Ways to Promote ClickFunnels

Once you join ClickFunnels as an affiliate, you need to promote it to get any rewards.

It can be daunting to get started, but there are simple and effective ways to promote ClickFunnels.

1. Creating and Sharing Funnels

The first and most straightforward way to promote ClickFunnels is by sharing your own funnels.

ClickFunnels has a unique ‘share a funnel’ feature that allows you to share your funnel with others.

Some people you could share your funnels with include entrepreneurs, small business owners, friends, and colleagues.

Every funnel you build contains a unique funnel URL. This is the link you will copy and paste once you click on the ‘share a funnel’ button.

To download your funnel, the recipient will be required to click on your link—an action that will guide them to a signup page.

If your visitor already has a ClickFunnels account, they will simply need to log in. If they do not, they will need to sign up and log in to view your shared funnel.

If the person signs up for a ClickFunnels paid plan, you will earn a commission.

How to Use “Share a Funnel” to Win More Conversions?

First, share the built-in funnels by replacing the default funnel link with your affiliate link.

Then, when people click on the shared link, they will be able to sign up via your affiliate link.

Secondly, instead of using the pre-built funnels, you can build your own funnels and show people how they can use the funnel to drive traffic and sales for their businesses.

This will encourage people to sign up and enjoy the benefits of creating funnels firsthand.

Finally, create funnels for other businesses that need expert funnel creators.

Once you’re done building their funnel, share it with them. They will only be able to access the funnel by signing up for a new ClickFunnels account.

That way, you promote the software and stand a chance to get a new line of affiliates under you.

Creating and Sharing Funnels

2. Blogging

Another effective way to promote ClickFunnels is by creating a website and adding a blog to it.

To set up a blog, you need a domain, a hosting provider, and a high-quality theme. If you already own a website, you are one step closer to promoting the software.

To promote ClickFunnels via blogging, you need to create posts that are high-quality, relevant, and impactful.

Your copy should also be findable on search engines. Otherwise, you may not reach anyone. Use targeted keywords and SEO strategies to improve your ranking.

How to Create Content for Your Blog?

The first step toward creating content that gets found is keyword research.

Luckily, there are tons of tools that can help you discover high-ranking keywords that are related to ClickFunnels.

By doing keyword research, you will be able to provide the information that people are searching for.

Once you get your keywords, it is time to craft an engaging copy that can solve your audience’s problems.

Include long-tail key phrases in your content as well.

Then, with the keywords in mind, create various forms of content to spice things up and eliminate monotony.

Some of the content types to create include product reviews that describe the core features of ClickFunnels.

You could also cover its advantages, disadvantages, functionality, and pricing.

To shake things up a bit, you can also write about the top 10 funnel builders or write comparison reviews between different funnel builders.

Another content type to leverage is ‘how to posts’ that describe how to use ClickFunnels for various industries.

To make the procedures easy to understand, use a mix of text, video clips, and screenshots.

You could also share tips and tricks to help people get the most out of their ClickFunnels membership. The last content type to consider is round-up posts.

You can collect different posts from experts about their experiences and opinions of ClickFunnels and aggregate them.

An approach like this makes your content more credible and increases your chances of conversion.

3. Using YouTube

Another quick, easy, and effective way of promoting ClickFunnels is through a YouTube channel.

YouTube is a popular platform, and videos are an effective form of content because they are visual and engaging.

Although using YouTube to promote ClickFunnels is an effective strategy, not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera.

As such, some affiliates avoid using YouTube and miss out on the benefits of this avenue.

If you are one of those people, keep reading because it is possible to create awesome YouTube videos without ever showing your face.

All you need is a great microphone and a screen recording program such as Screenflow.

Tips for Creating Effective and Engaging YouTube Videos

Although videos help promote products, success doesn’t happen by simply creating and posting videos.

It takes proper planning and lots of time to prepare appealing content. The following tips will help you create and optimize videos that perform well.

a. Identify the Type of Content to Create

To run a successful video campaign, the first step is to identify the type of content that will resonate with your target audience.

Videos with a detailed review of ClickFunnels are a good way to get started. For instance, you may offer a thorough review of ClickFunnels or a top 5 comparison review.

Watch how your viewers interact with your videos. Check for feedback and the things they liked and disliked.

How-to videos are useful for visitors, so they will often attract more views. These videos should demonstrate a step-by-step process that’s easy to follow.

b. Optimize Your ClickFunnels Videos to Rank Higher

Getting people to watch your videos is more demanding than creating and uploading the videos.

Plus, you need to find a way to get the video in front of the right audience.

Therefore, you need to improve your videos to rank higher on the search result list.

The first step toward optimizing your ClickFunnels videos is providing your audience with the content they want to see.

For that, you need to conduct research to find out what your audience needs. Start by looking for the most searched keywords.

Once you find the high-ranking keywords, incorporate them into your videos wisely.

Ensure you include a keyword in your video title, then use the rest in your video description.

Although the keywords are important, avoid overusing them as it will be counterproductive.

Another way to optimize your videos is through the use of video thumbnails.

You entice your leads to watch the video by creating appealing and eye-catching thumbnails.

To create an appealing thumbnail, invest in quality software or outsource the task to a professional agency.

The last way to optimize your videos is to use a shorter version of your ClickFunnels link in your description.

Short links are more appealing and less confusing, so they encourage more people to click on them.

Additionally, shortened links are easier to monitor and track, so they can provide valuable insights regarding the traffic visiting your site.

c. Include Powerful CTAs in Your Videos

Unfortunately, getting people to view your videos is not enough. You need to get them to take action for you to get conversions.

Include a call to action in overlays and video descriptions, so your audience has a clear path forward.

For instance, your CTAs might include asking your viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel, click on a link directing them to a related video, or accept an invitation to promote ClickFunnels.

d. Share Your Videos to Other Social Media Platforms

To increase the reach of your YouTube videos, you need to share them on other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Share your videos with colleagues, family, followers, and friends. You can also ask them to subscribe and share your videos with others.

Once you have shared your videos with other platforms, ensure that they are visible on those channels.

This will help you rank better on YouTube for a short period of time.

Using YouTube

4. Using Facebook

Facebook is a widely used social media platform where millions of people spend their time.

In addition to interacting with other people, you can also use Facebook to promote ClickFunnels.

It’s a popular platform, and there are several ways you can use it to reach more people.

Ways to Use Facebook to Promote ClickFunnels

To successfully promote ClickFunnels on Facebook, you need to get worthwhile engagement levels. Here are some techniques to try when using Facebook.

a. Promote ClickFunnels Through Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are influential when it comes to engaging your audience, making them a great way to promote ClickFunnels.

The best way to use groups is by creating your own group. You can make your group successful by providing value to the members.

Similarly, you need to earn the trust of the members before trying to promote your link. If you start out with a sales pitch, they will feel misled and won’t convert.

You can avoid confusion by including an in-depth description of the group so members can know what to expect from it.

Be sure to add some group rules as well, so things stay on-topic.

Other important resources to include in your group are your affiliate links, links to your sales funnels, lead magnets to help you capture email addresses, and other guidelines.

Since it can be hard work to create and run groups, you could opt to use other people’s groups to promote ClickFunnels.

The secret here is to be active and genuinely help those who need assistance. Focus on the needs of others, and don’t be pushy with your sales tactics.

By helping out, you will show you are an expert and will gain members’ trust. Once they trust you, go ahead and present your offers.

b. Promote ClickFunnels Through Your Personal Profile

Like groups, your Facebook profile is a robust tool that can help you promote products and services.

Make your profile professional and include all the necessary details.

Portray yourself as an expert that can help solve problems. To fill up your profile, write educational posts about how ClickFunnels can eliminate pain points.

Once you start getting interactions, consider that a sign of trust and offer the ClickFunnels free trial.

5. Run Ads

Running paid ads is an effective way to get quick results. After all, sometimes you just need to get your message in front of a lot of people.

There are several kinds of ads to try, such as Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Solo Ads, etc.

To run Facebook Ads, you need to invest a good deal of time and money before you start seeing real results.

Using short, engaging videos is a good way to capture your audience’s attention.

Start with the concept of sales funnels, followed by a sequence of videos about ClickFunnels and its affiliate program.

To use Solo Ads, find someone who has a huge email list and pay them to promote ClickFunnels for you.

Create a squeeze page where you collect emails before sending your traffic to the ClickFunnels page.

That way, you will build your own list of leads to use in the future.

Run Ads

6. Provide Answers to Quora Questions

Quora is a highly used, interactive platform. Its purpose is to find answers to the problems of users.

As an affiliate, you can leverage the power of this site to gain followers for your ClickFunnels campaigns.

Start by searching for queries related to ClickFunnels, affiliate marketing, sales funnel builders, etc.

Once you find the relevant questions, offer valuable and articulate responses. Remember to include links in the answer to get readers to visit your intended page.

Note that Quora’s policy does not allow the direct promotion of links. To get around this, consider masking your links inside an anchor text.

7. Create an Educational ClickFunnels Service or a Course

Although this is challenging, creating courses for ClickFunnels users is another effective way to promote the software.

Create a short, free course right inside ClickFunnels. For instance, you could make a course teaching bloggers how to use ClickFunnels.

If you do this, you’ll want to build an email list of bloggers.

By the end of your course, your audience will have learned how easy it is to use ClickFunnels and how it can benefit them.

At that point, offer them a link to the 14-day free trial so that they can try it themselves.

If they like the software, they will sign up for the paid version, and you will earn your commission.

However, this promotion method does not have a stand-alone source of traffic.

To gain followers, you will have to use it in conjunction with the aforementioned promotional methods such as blog posts, social media, and paid ads.

Create an Educational ClickFunnels Service or a Course

Final Thoughts

Although ClickFunnels is not a get-rich-quick scheme, it offers a lucrative affiliate program. If you put in the work, it can be an excellent source of passive income.

Better yet, the platform is simple and easy to use, so you can learn the details and start promoting it.

In a nutshell, you can promote ClickFunnels through blogging, Facebook, YouTube, running Ads, answering Quora questions, and creating ClickFunnels-based courses.

Now that you know how to promote ClickFunnels start working on your preferred promotional method and watch the difference it makes!

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