How to Contact ClickFunnels Support? (A 3-Step Guide)

If you’re a ClickFunnels user and are experiencing an issue with the software, your first instinct is likely to reach out for help. Luckily, there are multiple ways to contact ClickFunnels support, no matter where you live in the world!

To contact ClickFunnels support, you have four options: the auto-responder, the Facebook group, ClickFunnels Community Forums, and support chat. It’s best to try each of these methods in order, as the auto-responder may be able to help you right away. However, the support chat can be time-consuming.

This guide will walk you through the process of contacting ClickFunnels support from start to finish. We’ll also give you some helpful tips for making the process as quick and smooth as possible.

Understanding the ClickFunnels Support System

There are four layers or tiers that make up the ClickFunnels support system. Let’s take a closer look at each one.

Tier One – The Auto-Responder

This is the first line of support for all ClickFunnels users. An auto-responder is software that automatically responds to customer support inquiries.

It’s the fastest way to get help with common issues and is available 24/7.

In addition, the auto-responder pulls up the most helpful articles, tutorials, and resources that will help resolve your issue.

So, for example, when you type in, “I can’t log in to my account,” the auto-responder will provide a list of troubleshooting resources that might help you regain access to your account.

How Can We Help

Depending on your issue, the auto-responder will ask you a series of questions to help you troubleshoot the issue.

You must answer these questions as accurately as possible so that it can pull up the most relevant information.

More often than not, these automated responses will help you resolve the issue on your own.

Solved - My Question Is Answered

If your issue is not resolved, click on “I Still Need Help”

I Still Need Help

Tier Two – ClickFunnels Official Facebook Group

If you’re experiencing an issue that the auto-responder can’t help with, your next step is to reach out for help on the ClickFunnels official Facebook group.

This is a community of over 250,000 active members who are happy to help each other out.

There is no restriction on the type of question you can ask in this group – from setting up your account to creating funnels and everything in between.

However, there’s a catch: the group is not monitored 24/7, so responses can sometimes take a while to come in.

ClickFunnels Official Facebook Group

Tier Three – ClickFunnels Experts

If you’re experiencing a more complex issue that the first two tiers can’t help you with, your inquiry will be escalated to Tier Three.

This is where the team of ClickFunnels experts comes in.

These are people who are passionate about ClickFunnels and have years of experience using and supporting the software.

They’re all active on the ClickFunnels Community forum and are available to help you resolve your issue.

The experts don’t have direct access to your account and can’t resolve billing or technical issues for you.

However, they can help walk you through the steps to resolving most issues.

In order to get the most out of this support tier, it’s important that you provide as much information as possible in your inquiry.

This includes screenshots, steps taken so far, account IDs, and anything else that might be relevant.

The more information you can provide, the faster and easier it will be for the experts to help you resolve your issue.

Tier Four – ClickFunnels Official Support Team

If you’re unable to resolve your issue using the resources from tiers outlined above, your inquiry will be escalated to the ClickFunnels Official Support Team.

This is the final stop in the support system.

The team at this level has direct access to your account and can help with whatever you need, no matter how complex it may be.

There are a number of ways you can contact them, including email, chat, and phone.

Once you are in contact with the support team, they will walk you through the steps to resolving your issue.

It may feel like the chat is live, but it’s actually a ticket system that the support team monitors.

Think of it like a semi-live chat where the support team will respond to you as soon as they’re available.

ClickFunnels support team aims to resolve their inquiries within 24 hours. However, resolution may take anywhere between a few hours to a day.

It may take even longer during times of peak activity, so be patient with them.

ClickFunnels Official Support Team

Steps to Contact ClickFunnels Support – The Process + Tips

The ClickFunnels support system is optimized to serve you in the best way possible.

Their customer service team comprises experts who are passionate about helping you succeed with ClickFunnels.

But the catch is that you need to be clear, detailed, and communicative when reaching out for help. This guide is designed to help you do just that!

Step #1 – Check the Auto-Responder

To access the auto-responder, you need to click on the blue help icon displayed at the bottom right corner of your ClickFunnels dashboard.

If you’re on the ClickFunnels page editor, this icon will be on the top left corner of your screen.

From there, you just need to type in your query, and the auto-responder will help you troubleshoot the issue.

If your inquiry is beyond the scope of what the auto-responder can help with, you should post your issue on one or both of the Community Forums.

Most of the members there are active, and you can get assistance in a timely manner.

However, if that doesn’t work out, then one of the ClickFunnels support team members will contact you in the community and escalate the issue to the official support team.

Blue Help Icon
Top Left Corner

Step #2 – Be Clear and Detailed

Once you’ve reached out to the support team, they will ask you a series of questions in order to help you troubleshoot the issue.

This is where you need to provide as much information as possible.

The more details you can give them, the faster and easier it will be for them to resolve your inquiry.

As a rule of thumb, you should always mention the specific funnel, the exact funnel step, and even the URL of the step you’re experiencing the issue with.

Plus, you should also try to mention the goal you’re trying to accomplish with the funnel and the exact bottleneck that’s getting in your way.

This way, you’re providing the support team with everything they need to know in order to help you as quickly as possible.

Attach Screenshots and Videos

Here’s a tip – take screenshots of the issue you’re experiencing and include them in your ticket.

This will help the support team visualize the problem and resolve it faster. You could also screen record the issue and provide the video in your ticket.

This is especially helpful if you’re experiencing a technical issue that’s hard to explain in words.

Step #3 – Stick To the Rules and Be Patient

There are some rules that will make the process of contacting ClickFunnels support a lot easier for you and the team.

The first rule is that you should contact them only if you have an active subscription.

If your account is suspended or canceled, then reach out to Billing & Accounts instead.

Second, in order to assist you quickly, ClickFunnels support suggests that you limit your questions to one issue per ticket.

If you are facing multiple issues, you should open up multiple tickets. This will help the support team address each issue in a more timely manner.

Use Multiple Tickets

Third, always check the knowledge base first. The knowledge base is full of helpful articles and videos that can guide you through the most common issues.

Search The Knowledge Base

Fourth, make sure your account is set up for email notifications.

This way, you’ll get an email notification every time someone on the support team replies to your ticket. Last, but not least, be patient.

The ClickFunnels support team receives a high volume of tickets each day, and sometimes it takes up to 24 hours to reply.

Rest Assured, the Support Team WILL Reach Out to You

Contacting the ClickFunnels support team might seem like a daunting task, but it isn’t.

If you’re clear and detailed in your communication, you can make the process a lot easier for everyone. Remember that you’re not alone in this!

The ClickFunnels community is full of helpful members who are more than happy to assist you.

So stick to the rules, be patient, and you’ll get the help you need.

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