11 Ways to Come Up With Email Marketing Content Ideas

Every time you click “send,” you get an opportunity to see how effective email marketing is. However, despite your best efforts, you can occasionally find it difficult to develop email marketing concepts. Whether you are facing writer’s block or your creative juices seem to have ran out, there are ideas that can help you create emails.

Ways to come up with email marketing content ideas include: sharing the latest trends in your industry, customer stories, and product recommendations. You can also send news emails, personalized welcome emails, and video-based email content for better engagement.

Compared to many other marketing platforms, email makes it possible to engage your audience or clients directly. While it can occasionally be challenging to decide what to send, if you understand different types of email contents, you can devise a strategy to attain the outcomes you want.

How to Come Up With Email Marketing Content Ideas?

1. Product Recommendations

With the help of product recommendation emails, you can nudge your contacts by presenting them with goods comparable to those they have already seen, considered buying, saved for later, or added to their shopping carts.

Today, marketers leverage the power of personalized content ideas to boost their overall sales and engagement.

To gather the information required for a campaign to be successful, you’ll need an intuitive CRM system.

Product Recommendations

2. Send News Emails

People will lose interest if the only messages you send them are marketing materials and sales pitches.

Sharing current events and news updates is an excellent way to make the content more interesting and valuable for the subscribers.

Establish authority as a reliable resource to your subscribers. When it comes to promoting the acquisition and retention of long-term customers, this is quite helpful.

3. Welcome Emails

Make a lasting first impression by extending a warm welcome to new subscribers. Introduce your company and your brand to the recipients of the email.

Since it has a higher open rate than other email forms, this kind of email also offers a great marketing opportunity.

4. Social Validation

People purchase from your business if there is positive social proof. Prospects take buying action if they feel that others are recognizing their impact.

“Ever wondered if your reviews are being noticed?” This is a subject line of an email from Amazon. Subsequently, they add random comments and likes from previous reviews.

It’s important to note that the reviews and like counts lack specificity and could be fictitious. But at first glance, it can be sufficient to convince others that their efforts are necessary and desirable.

So, how do you put this email marketing content idea to work?

  • Inform customers you value their sharing and that their reviews are helpful to others.
  • Send updates on the causes or initiatives a client has supported with a donation.

As to what content to put within the email itself, check out my comprehensive guide on: What Content To Put Into Marketing Emails?

5. End-of-Season Content

As you enter a new season, do you want to promote any special goods or services? You can highlight a range of products by sending out emails.

Not only that, but you can also add exclusive offers that inspire and compel subscribers to take action.

End-of-Season Content

6. Holiday-Specific Email Content

An excellent method for quickly making your emails more interesting and capitalizing on people’s holiday joy is to send them out over the holidays.

This strategy is an age-old way to boost interaction with your audience, whether hosting a Christmas sale, providing holiday-themed material, or simply wishing folks an enjoyable holiday.

7. Abandoned Cart Email

More than 69.82% of carts are abandoned before the user completes the transaction.

Encourage interested clients to complete their purchases by using this email marketing standard. Here, marketers can offer a 10% discount or more as a perk to woo the customer back.

Moreover, your company can stand out if you employ a sense of humor.

8. PR Highlight

You can use media features extensively to bolster your email marketing initiatives. For example, in an email promoting the company’s mobile app, Recreation.gov cited their recent Today Show appearance.

No PR recently? No issue. You can draw attention to earlier media content. How to put this email advertising concept to work for your business:

  • Promote and highlight co-marketing campaigns
  • Share upcoming media collaborations or past media mentions

9. Create Video-Based Email Content

Including video content in your emails may be the best method to increase interaction.

You can be almost certain when someone opens an email and a compelling video begins to play, they will pause and watch it.

Depending on the email you’re sending, you can utilize videos to introduce and explain your product, offer useful information, or announce a sale or other special promotions.

Redirecting visitors to a video can still be a successful strategy even if your email browser doesn’t support embedding videos that show a thumbnail.

Create Video-Based Email Content

9. Personalization in Email Content Creation

According to Janrain and Blue Research research, consumers have reported receiving mistargeted content or incentives, like offers indicating the merchant doesn’t know the customer.

  • Errors involving the customer’s basic information.
  • Delivering contradictory messages across platforms.

The same study found that 68% of customers automatically discard emails with these kinds of errors, and 54% unsubscribe. Contrarily, personalization could end up with the following advantages:

  • Up to a 50% increase in open rates can be achieved with personalized subject lines.
  • An ROI of 122% can be obtained via personalized emails.

You have a wealth of data about your potential clients that you can utilize for personalization in digital marketing. (Read my article on email marketing vs digital marketing to know their difference)

  • To learn more about the subjects, goods, services, or statements that receive the highest levels of engagement, leverage your website’s and social media statistics.
  • Utilize lead forms to gather email addresses along with a few more sections for users to contribute the data you require for personalization.
  • For a more limited subscriber database, you can utilize an email lookup tool to learn the fundamentals about your clients, such as their name, organization, server location, and social network profiles.

10. Subscriber Data Segmentation

You can curate email marketing content for various purposes, be it sharing exclusive deals and promos, welcoming new subscribers, or introducing them to the latest updates and features.

However, this content will only yield the best outcomes when you address them to the right target audience.

And the best way to do so is by segregating your audience list. Although there are other ways to segment, these are some of the most common ones:

  • Demographics: Use your CRM to retrieve a list of emails based on a particular region.
  • Engagement: Let’s say the subscribers didn’t open your first email for some reason. In that case, resend a second email by slightly altering the content.
  • Customer Journey: Your email marketing content must vary depending on the client – whether they are new and returning clients or existing ones.

To achieve all this, seek the assistance of an email marketing platform with automated features and functions.

11. Add a Compelling CTA In Every Email Content

There is a high likelihood that whenever you send a marketing email, you want the recipients to do more than just read it.

In fact, we contend that a marketing email devoid of a call to action serves no purpose at all.

Whether you want people to read an article, visit your business, or redeem a coupon code, you should provide a compelling and unambiguous call to action that encourages them to perform the desired action.

Add a Compelling CTA In Every Email Content

Don’t Send Generic Emails Without Personalization

Now, you should face no difficulty in creating content for your email campaigns. You must first create a map to identify where these emails can fit in the client journey.

Targeting clients with the appropriate personalized message at the right time requires being strategic in your approach.

You can consider PR releases, news articles, current trends, video trends, and product promotions. The diversity of your email content keeps your audience engaged and interested.

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