How Do You Optimize ClickFunnels? | Getting The Best Results

ClickFunnels helps businesses market and sell their products online. Sadly, boosting conversions does not happen automatically. To get the best out of ClickFunnels, you need to optimize your strategies and practices.

To optimize ClickFunnels for the best performance, you need to continually improve your sales funnel, perform split-testing, and work on your landing pages and email marketing campaigns. Additionally, optimizing ClickFunnels for mobile devices will immensely boost the performance of your funnels.

In this post, we will discuss various ways to optimize ClickFunnels. These tactics include improving landing pages for mobile devices, increasing page load speeds, and refining your messaging/branding. 

How to Optimize ClickFunnels Conversion Rates?

Optimizing your ClickFunnels funnels includes creating high-converting landing pages and performing A/B split tests.

These will ultimately boost the conversion rates of your sales funnels. Here are some strategies to help you improve the performance of your funnels.

1. Use the Value Ladder Model for Your Offers

The four-step AIDA sales funnel model is designed to give value to leads in the first three stages and ask for conversion in the final stage.

While this model is simple and straightforward, it may lower your conversion rates. To optimize your funnel in ClickFunnels, try using the value ladder model.

This structure suggests that your offers increase in value as your leads progress further along the funnel.

In this model, you begin by offering a lead magnet. Then you follow it up with an affordable introductory product.

A more expensive upgrade comes next, and you continue doing this until you arrive at your most expensive offer at the very end. 

Once prospects enjoy your first affordable offer, they will be more likely to try the following suggestions and promotions.

In the end, this tactic can boost your conversions.

2. Aim for High-Quality Traffic

Generating a ton of traffic will not benefit your business if the traffic won’t convert.

To improve the conversion rates of your funnel, you need to attract high-quality traffic.

To get this, you need to know who your target audience is and focus your marketing efforts on them. 

By targeting the right audience, you will be able to solve their problems precisely and effectively.

This special attention leads to more conversions from the right people.

Additionally, identifying your audience will save you money that would otherwise go to waste if you were advertising to the wrong audience.

3. Offer High-Quality Lead Magnets

Just because a lead magnet is free doesn’t mean you can compromise on its quality.

This is a mistake most marketers commit; not knowing it will lead to poor conversions.

Before releasing a lead magnet, ask yourself if it can solve your audience’s problems.

Leads use the quality of your lead magnet to gauge the quality of your premium products.

So, create a lead magnet so good that you would sell it if you wanted to. The better your lead magnet is, the more leads you will attract and convert.

4. Optimize Your Landing Page

Your landing page is the first point of contact between your business and your potential customers.

Therefore, your landing page has the power to make or break your business.

With a few changes here and there, you can improve your landing page conversion rate. Here are some strategies to try:

a. Focus on Product Benefits as Opposed to Features

When designing your landing page copy, remember visitors are looking for value (a solution to their pain point).

Subsequently, you need to inform them about the ways in which your product will help them overcome their challenges. 

This is achieved by focusing on product benefits. Features can bog down the product page and aren’t usually important to most buyers.

Minimize what the product can do and focus on what the product can do for the buyer.

b. Offer Product Guarantees

Although internet shopping is popular, people are still cautious about buying things from strangers online.

They are especially wary of purchasing items that might fail to deliver the promised value.

To eliminate such fear and foster confidence in your product, offer product guarantees.

A guarantee acts as a promise that the product will deliver as promised.

If there’s a failure along the way, make sure the customer knows they can get their money back or receive some other benefit. 

c. Provide Testimonials

Getting leads to trust your brand for the first time can be difficult.

Offering social proof such as previous customer reviews on your landing page can improve your conversion rates. 

d. Don’t Crowd the Page

To get your leads to click on a call to action, keep your landing page content concise and to the point.

Long content that looks like a wall of text or has excessive bullet points can distract your audience and prevent them from taking action.

How to Optimize ClickFunnels Conversion Rates

How to Optimize ClickFunnels Landing Pages for Mobile?

Tablets and phones have taken the internet by storm. However, most desktop-designed pages do not load well on mobile.

To improve your conversion rates, you need to optimize your landing pages for mobile devices.

Here are tips to help you improve your landing page experience and make it load faster.

1. Ensure Your Button and Text Sizes are Vivid

Since mobile screens are way smaller than desktops, it is paramount to ensure that mobile users visiting your landing page can easily see your buttons and text.

Avoid using fonts that would make people squint or zoom in to view. Ensure all your buttons, links, and general text are legible at a glance. 

2. Keep Your Forms Short

Besides the fact that mobile screen space is limited, long forms can be intimidating.

While longer forms may help you collect more information, they may scare away your leads for good.

Therefore, keep the form fields limited and only collect mandatory details such as names and emails.

To know what form field you need to include, ask yourself if you really need that user information. If the answer is no, then delete the field.

3. Eliminate Distractions

While aiming to design beautiful landing pages, you may find yourself adding too many unnecessary items.

Such items become distractions and may steer readers away from the page before they can take the desired action.

To eliminate distractions, keep in mind that you have limited space and time to get your point across.

As such, use the resources wisely by only including that which is absolutely necessary.

For instance, provide a captivating headline about your offer, the major benefits, a clear call to action, and a short opt-in form.

4. Design Your Pop-Ups Well

Sometimes pop-ups can be distracting and frustrating. If you must use them, you need to design them properly and time them well to get the desired benefits.

Ensure the pop-ups are not too big on the screen.

Designing pop-ups that are too large will make users unable to close them, hence forcing them to leave your page.

5. Do Not Overlook Your Call to Actions

Every stellar detail on your landing page will go to waste if your visors won’t know what to do after viewing your offer.

To improve your call to action on mobile, do not clutter your landing page. Similarly, ensure your call to action buttons are visible.

To make the call to actions pop, use a bright color that contrasts against your background.

6. Create User Personas

It is easier to improve your landing pages when you know who you are designing them for. This is because different users have different goals and needs.

Studying your existing customers can help you figure out what kind of user experience they need. With this information, you can craft your page accordingly.

7. Include a Click to Call Phone Number

Web-users love convenience. The last thing your customers want is to dig for your contact information when they need help.

If you do not include a quick-access phone number, your competitors will. 

It is not enough to just provide your number. Go the extra mile to enable click to call. That way, you will improve the user experience.

How to Optimize ClickFunnels Landing Pages for Mobile

How to Speed Up Load Time for Your ClickFunnels Landing Pages?

Page load speed is an essential aspect of your landing pages. Users expect a page to load in two seconds or less.

If all they see is a loading icon when visiting your page, potential customers will leave. 

Optimizing your pages to load faster will compel your visitors to stay on your landing page longer. Here are ways to improve your page loading speeds.

1. Optimize Your Image Sizes and Formats

Large images can drastically slow down the loading speed of your landing page. While larger images are considered high-quality, they take up a lot of bandwidth.

To fix this, use an image optimization tool that reduces the image size.

Tools such as the “Save for the Web” reduce the size without compromising the quality of the image.

Aim for sizes that are 1 MB or lower and use standard image formats such as JPG, GIF, and PNG.

In addition to optimizing your images, avoid adding too many of them.

Similarly, don’t embed too many YouTube videos because these can also slow down pages.

2. Use Fewer URL Redirects and Avoid Link Shorteners

Url redirects take users from one URL to the next. This process takes time to move from one file to another.

Therefore, the more redirects you have on your page, the slower your page will reload.

So, avoid URL redirects, or if you must use redirects, minimize them as much as possible.

When using funnel steps, do not use funnel URLs because it is a form of redirection. Instead, use the specific funnel step to enable the page to load faster.

Link shortening is also another form of redirecting that slows page speed. Avoiding link shorteners can boost your page load speeds.

3. Use A Content Delivery Network (CDN)

A CDN reduces the distance that information will need to cover from the ClickFunnels server to the user.

This is because the servers work in tandem to deliver content faster.

For instance, ClickFunnels allows you to connect a Cloudflare domain to your ClickFunnels account.

Ultimately, your pages will load faster since information is retrieved from the server that is geographically close to the user.

4. Test Your Page

It is easier to optimize your landing page loading speed when you know what is slowing it down.

Fortunately, figuring out the cause of slow loading is easy, thanks to many speed testing tools out there.

Some good tools include Pingdom and Google Page Speed Insights.

After running the test, you will find out which page elements are slowing down your page. Once they’ve been identified, you can work to fix them.

How to Speed Up Load Time for Your ClickFunnels Landing Pages

Optimizing ClickFunnels Email Sequences

Email marketing is a great way to promote your products, nurture leads, build customer loyalty and stay in touch with customers.

However, to get the best out of your email marketing efforts, you need to test and optimize your email sequences.

The success of your email marketing campaigns depends on the email open rates. If low numbers of people open your emails, then you need to improve them.

The following strategies will help you optimize your email sequences.

1. Carefully Craft Your Subject Lines

The subject line is the most important part of your email since it is your chance to convince the reader to open it.

If your subject line is not enticing enough, your email will remain unopened and unread.

To craft compelling subject lines, avoid excessively promotional words as they make your email seem spammy.

In addition, use words that create a sense of urgency to trigger the fear of missing out if they delay opening the email.

Finally, test different versions of subject lines to see which one works best.

2. Group Your Contacts

Sending an irrelevant message to your subscriber will make them ignore your email.

Since different subscribers will be at different stages of your funnel, you will need to send them different emails.

Start by grouping your contacts depending on what stage they are at.

Once grouped, send the right emails to the right segment with the proper timing. In turn, you will have happier subscribers who will listen to you.

3. Use A/B Split Testing

Split test various elements of your emails, including subject lines, fonts, copy length, email frequency, offers, and formats.

Then, create different variations of these elements and see which ones get higher click-through rates. 

Aside from testing your email campaigns, split testing can also help you test other elements of your sales funnels.

Such elements include landing page headlines, call to action, images and text. These tests will help you identify and fix weak points in the funnel.

Optimizing ClickFunnels Email Sequences

Wrapping Up

When it comes to optimizing ClickFunnels, there are tons of strategies to use.

It comes down to identifying where your funnels are underperforming and using the right strategies to improve them.

The above strategies for improving the various areas will get you started on your optimization journey.

If you are unsure where to begin, use the ClickFunnels A/B split testing feature and keep optimizing from there.

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