Free Email Subject Line Generator to SKYROCKET Open Rates

Welcome to my free email subject line generator tool! Before you start using it, here’s a pro-tip. Avoid using title case in your email subject lines.

This Is What Title Case Looks Like

In title case, the first letter of each word is capitalized.


Both title case and all caps make your email look like a commercial advertisement, and most people don’t willingly read commercial emails.

It’s much better to write subject lines as if you were writing to a friend. Make them personal and fun, and spark your reader’s curiosity. That’s what I’ve aimed for with my suggestions.

It’s okay if your email subject line doesn’t always sound like it’s from a business or you have something to sell. This is exactly what you want.

Sometimes, you might even get a one word suggestion like “Warning”. It may seem odd but it’s one hell of a curiosity generator which makes people open your email.

You can then follow it up with relevant content which justifies the “Warning” subject line and your reader won’t feel click baited.

Email Subject Line Generator Tool

Email Subject Line Generator

Here are some suggested email subject lines:

How to Use This Email Subject Line Generator Tool

This tool helps you create catchy email subject lines that grab attention and improve your email open rates. Here’s how to use it:

Step 1: Select the Purpose of Your Email

Choose what your email is about from the dropdown menu.

  • Promotion: To promote products or services.
  • Inform: To share information or updates.
  • Re-engagement: To reconnect with your audience.
  • Follow-up: To continue a previous thread/topic of emails.

Step 2: Choose the Target Language

Currently there are four languages available.

English, Spanish, French, and German. I plan on adding more later.

Step 3: Enter a Topic of Interest or Keyword

Type in the main topic or keyword related to your business. Examples include “sales funnel” or “weight loss.”

Step 4: Specify the Result Your Reader Desires

Think about what result your reader craves. Use a verb to describe it, like “get more sales” or “lose weight.”

Step 5: Identify Their Biggest Area of Hurdle

Consider what might stop your reader from achieving the desired result. Input obstacles in plural form, such as “marketing skills” or “tough exercises.”

Step 6: Generate Your Email Subject Lines

Click the “Generate Email Subject Line” button to see a list of customized subject lines appear below. Pick the subject line that best fits your email. Feel free to tweak it to make it perfect!

Once you have your perfect email subject line, my article on email marketing content ideas will help you take the next step.

Happy emailing!

Shailen Vandeyar

A proud Indian origin Kiwi who loves to do BJJ and play with his pet bunny when not taking a plunge into the vast ocean of funnel design, email marketing, copywriting, conversions, and customer retention.

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