Clothing Copywriting Examples | 9 Best Brands

One of the most competitive industries in the world is fashion. Clothing copywriting has become an art, and some of the biggest names in the industry have taken it to new heights with their clever, creative, and persuasive words.

Some of the best clothing copywriting examples are Adidas’ membership form, Levi’s first-order enticement, Gucci celebrity stories, GAP’s poetic holiday offer copy, and Ralph Lauren’s storytelling. Another great example of clothing copywriting is Dior’s luxury description of simple features.

These companies have leveraged their stellar clothing copywriting to attract potential customers. Let’s take a closer look at how these brands have crafted their copy to draw shoppers in.

The Best Clothing Copywriting Examples

What makes the best clothing copywriting examples stand out? Let’s look at some of them and break down what makes them great so that you can draw inspiration for your own copy.

1. Adidas Low-Commitment Membership Form

Adidas Low-Commitment Membership Form

Adidas has a knack for creating catchy slogans and clever wordplay that resonates with its target audience of young adults.

Their most famous slogan, “Impossible is Nothing,” is a perfect example of this copywriting at its best.

The message conveys the idea that anything is possible if you put your mind to it, which resonates with Adidas’ youthful audience.

For their clothing copywriting, Adidas takes a low-commitment approach by offering customers the chance to join their membership program.

This membership includes exclusive discounts, product releases, and other perks.

The 15% discount when you join the club for free is a great way to entice customers with no commitment. It’s an offer that’s hard to pass up and it’s also cleverly worded in a way that makes it seem irresistible.

What Makes Adidas Copy Stand Out?

The low-commitment membership offer is a great way to attract customers with no risk involved.

Overall, Adidas’ copywriting successfully conveys the brand’s message and incentivizes customers to join the program.

Although the membership is free, the discount is a great way to make customers feel like they’re getting something for nothing.

In addition, Adidas’ copywriting does an excellent job of highlighting the brand message and connecting with the target audience.

 2. Levi’s First-Order Enticement

Levi's First-Order Enticement

Levi’s is one of the most iconic names in fashion, and they’ve been at the forefront of clothing copywriting for decades.

For their first-order enticement, Levi’s takes a more straightforward approach by offering customers 20% off their first purchase.

In addition, Levi’s also offers free shipping on the first order, which is an added incentive for customers. The message encourages customers to take advantage of the offer and complete their purchase quickly.

In exchange for the discount and free shipping, Levi’s collects customer information like email addresses, which are used for promotional emails.

But Levi’s packages this information request in a way that doesn’t feel intrusive. “Be the first to hear about special offers, new arrivals, and more” is the message Levi’s uses for this process.

What Makes Levi’s Copy Stand Out?

Levi’s copywriting stands out because of its straightforward approach.

The company captivates customers without beating around the bush or using complicated messages by offering a discount and free shipping on the first order.

In addition, Levi’s requests information in a way that doesn’t feel intrusive. The message is clear and subtly encourages customers to provide their details.

The copy strikes the perfect balance between being straightforward and informative while capturing the customer’s attention.

3. Gucci Celebrity Stories

Gucci Celebrity Stories

Gucci is known for its luxury products and fashion-forward designs.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that their clothing copywriting is on-point. Instead of traditional advertising tactics, Gucci leverages celebrity stories to capture people’s attention.

The brand has collaborated with many famous actors, musicians, and influencers. They use these collaborations to tell stories that customers can connect with.

For example, the “A Hero’s Journey: Mo Salah” campaign features a famous Egyptian footballer.

The video tells the story of Mo Salah’s journey from a small village in Egypt to becoming one of the world’s best footballers.

Although there is no mention of Gucci in the story, the fact that Mo walks into the interview with a Gucci bag is a statement enough.

When he opens the bag, we see a bouquet of flowers, which symbolizes the story of his journey.

What Makes Gucci Copy Stand Out?

Gucci’s copywriting stands out because of its unique approach to storytelling. The brand uses celebrity stories to capture people’s attention and tell stories that customers can relate to.

Influencer marketing and clothing copywriting have become increasingly important in the fashion industry.

Gucci is one of the top brands that have mastered it. The brand has collaborated with many influencers to create compelling stories that capture people’s attention.

Gucci’s clothing copywriting successfully tells a story while subtly promoting its own products.

If you want to write a copy to promote your products, then read our guide on Promotion Copywriting which discusses the most famous and successful examples.

4. GAP’s Poetic Holiday Offer Copy

GAP's Poetic Holiday Offer Copy

“We switched up your holiday look with something a little glowier. Shimmer gone major, too-good-to-gift neutrals, and wrappable everything.” How’s that for a clothing copywriting example?

GAP is known for its simple yet stylish clothes, and their poetic copy perfectly captures the brand’s essence.

The message encourages customers to take advantage of the holiday offers and switch up their style.

The use of words like “glowier,” “shimmer gone major,” and “wrappable” creates a sense of excitement and anticipation for what GAP has to offer.

The wording is unique as well, so you need to take time to think about it. The copywriting also gives an insight into the brand’s fashion philosophy, which focuses on simple, stylish designs.

What Makes GAP’s Copy Stand Out?

GAP’s clothing copywriting is on our list because of its poetic approach. The rhyme, rhythm, and choice of words appeal to customers. It makes them interested to find out what the brand has in store.

After all, who doesn’t like a glowier and shimmer-gone major look? GAP’s clothing copywriting does justice to the company’s brand.

5. Ralph Lauren Story

Ralph Lauren Story

When the French fashion house Ralph Lauren released its recent campaign, the brand’s clothing copywriting was on point.

The storytelling approach of the campaign showcased the designer’s vision and aesthetic. The message focused on a concept called “The Gift of Togetherness.”

The campaign highlighted how dressing up brings people together and makes them feel connected.

It also celebrates the joy of sharing moments, such as getting ready for a holiday party or reuniting with family after a long time apart.

Although the illustration video has no voiceover, the storytelling aspect of it is easily recognizable.

The characters in the video are portrayed beautifully, and the message of togetherness resonates with viewers.

What Makes Ralph Lauren’s Copy Stand Out?

The video storytelling approach makes this copy stand out. Ralph Lauren uses clothing copywriting to capture people’s attention and tell stories that interest prospects.

The “Gift of Togetherness” concept is an excellent example of how a brand can use storytelling to promote its products.

The message is inspiring and uplifting, making it easy for viewers to connect with the brand.

6. Dior’s Luxury Description of Simple Features

Dior's Luxury Description of Simple Features

When it comes to luxury clothing copywriting, few brands do it better than Dior. The brand’s description of simple product features speaks volumes about the company’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

For instance, the Lady D-lite bag description reads, “Fully embroidered with a blue multicolor Rêve d’Infini motif by Pietro Ruffo…”

This elegant description speaks of the bag’s exquisite details and craftsmanship, thus making it an irresistible purchase for luxury shoppers.

The copywriting also highlights the bag’s classic elegance and modernity. This description speaks to Dior’s commitment to luxury and quality, which is evident in their products.

What Makes Dior’s Copy Stand Out?

Dior has a way of creating luxurious descriptions from simple features. The focus on details and craftsmanship makes the brand’s products irresistible to luxury shoppers.

The use of words like “multicolor,” “Rêve d’Infini motif,” and “House modernity” give customers an insight into the design philosophy behind the brand’s products.

This copywriting allows customers to appreciate the beauty and sophistication of Dior’s products.

7. Clarks Practical & Benefit Approach

Clarks Practical & Benefit Approach

Clarks takes a practical and benefit-driven approach to its clothing copywriting. The brand focuses on the features of their products, such as comfort and durability.

For instance, Clarks’ website home page points out some day-to-day activities that potential customers might engage in while wearing their shoes.

The examples they use include walking and cozying up with winter boots. The copywriting also highlights the benefits of wearing Clarks shoes, such as warmth and comfort.

The benefit-driven approach shows that Clarks values customer satisfaction and wants to ensure a comfortable experience with their products.

What Makes Clarks’ Copy Stand Out?

The practical and benefit-driven approach in Clarks’ copywriting helps the company outdo competitors.

The focus on features such as comfort and durability allows potential customers to make an informed decision about their purchase.

The use of everyday activities in the copy gives customers a sense of how their shoes would perform in those situations.

This helps customers understand the benefits of Clarks’ products and how they can benefit from them. In addition, Clarks also emphasizes customer satisfaction by highlighting the benefits of its products.

8. Brooks Brothers Ego Hype

Brooks Brothers Ego Hype

How does it feel when heads turn as you enter a room? That’s the feeling Brooks Brothers wants to evoke with its clothing copywriting.

The brand focuses on ego-driven statements such as “Turn heads with every entrance in our iconic outerwear” and “Outerwear that will make you RSVP yes to every occasion.”

These ego-driven statements emphasize the importance of looking and feeling good.

In a time when”looking good” really matters, this copywriting entices customers to purchase Brooks Brothers’ products.

Apart from that, the accompanying images highlight the brand’s commitment to luxurious style, giving customers a glimpse into what they can expect from the products.

What Makes Brooks Brothers’ Copy Stand Out?

Brooks Brothers’ clothing copywriting stands out because of its ego-driven statements.

The focus on turning heads and feeling confident resonates with customers who want to make a statement with their clothing.

Using phrases like “RSVP yes” and “iconic outerwear” captures the brand’s commitment to luxurious style, which is further emphasized by the accompanying images.

This copy gives customers a glimpse into what wearing Brooks Brothers’ products can do to their fashion statement.

Brooks Brothers’ copywriting focuses on creating an aspirational image. It shows customers that they can make a lasting impression by wearing the brand’s products.

9. Oakley’s Welcome Voucher Hook

Oakley's Welcome Voucher Hook

Who doesn’t like a good bargain? Oakley’s welcome voucher hook incentivizes customers to purchase their products.

The brand’s copywriting focuses on offering customers a discount when they purchase Oakley products. The copy entices shoppers who are looking for a deal.

The use of words like “discount” and “voucher” emphasizes the sweetness of the deal. This helps customers recognize that they have to act quickly to take advantage of this offer.

It feels like there’s free money on the table! Oakley also promises 50% off a new pair if the old one breaks.

This helps customers feel secure in their purchase as they know they can replace the item should it break without worrying about spending a lot of money.

After all these offers, the click button creates fear of missing out (FOMO) to further push customers towards subscribing to the newsletter.

You have to choose between “Let’s do this” and “Continue without benefits.” When comparing the two buttons, customers are often persuaded to click the subscribe button.

What Makes Oakley’s Copy Stand Out?

Oakley’s clothing copywriting use of discounts and vouchers to entice customers is a big win. The promise of a discounted price gives shoppers an incentive to buy their products.

Using exclusivity makes customers feel special, because the offer can only be accessed by subscribing to the newsletter. This makes customers more likely to take advantage of the offer.

FOMO also adds an element of urgency to the copywriting. It urges shoppers to act quickly before they miss out on this opportunity.

By using language such as “Let’s do this,” Oakley encourages customers to take action and subscribe.

How Do You Write Fashion Copy?

Fashion copywriting should capture the lifestyle and elegance of the clothing brand. Start by researching the brand to understand its ethos and target audience.

Use this research to craft a compelling story that resonates with customers.

Because of the competitive nature of fashion, you’ll want to use creative language that will help you stand out from other brands.

Aim to make a lasting impression on customers and create an aspirational image of the product.

Ensure you include relevant keywords and phrases so your copy is discoverable online. Finally, add visual elements such as images and videos for maximum impact.

You can use a mix of storytelling, discounts, and FOMO to create compelling fashion copywriting that grabs customers’ attention.

With this approach, you can increase customer engagement and boost your sales.

Key Takeaways

Clothing copywriting is a powerful tool for fashion brands to attract customers and increase sales.

To create compelling fashion copy, start by researching the unique selling points of each brand and identifying its target audience. This will help you create a story that resonates with customers.

Finding the proper tone is also important. Finally, use a mix of storytelling, discounts, and FOMO to make your copy stand out from the crowd.

With this approach, you can create compelling fashion copywriting that will capture prospects’ attention and drive sales.

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