ClickFunnels Affiliate Payout (3 Methods to Transfer Money)

ClickFunnels is the leading SaaS (software as a service) company in the online marketing and funnel hacking realm. It has many products that enable its users to make money through affiliate marketing. But how exactly does ClickFunnels pay its affiliates? 

ClickFunnels mainly pays its affiliates through Tipalti – a mass payment system that has partnered with ClickFunnels. Additionally, ClickFunnels can pay affiliates manually through integrated APIs and other manual payment gateways. Stripe, Paypal, and Keape are just a few of the options.

Below, we will look at the most commonly used ClickFunnels affiliate payment methods. We will discuss how they work and also cover the payout details. There are several options available to every affiliate, so let’s get started. 

Method 1: Tipalti

ClickFunnels currently uses Tipalti as its primary payment platform. The company has been using this platform since 2019.

Before then, PayPal and other integrated payments were the main forms of payment.

When you sign up for the affiliate program on ClickFunnels, you can open a Tipalti account directly from your ClickFunnels account to start getting paid. 

Since Tipalti is already integrated into the ClickFunnels dashboard, signing up for payments is easy.

How Tipalti Works

When you are logged in ClickFunnels and haven’t connected a payment method, a prompt message appears on the dashboard.

It will ask you to connect Tipalti. The signup process is simple because only a few details are required.

Once you enter your information, you can access the various payout options that are incorporated into the Tipalti system.

Tipalti handles every aspect of the payment process.

You, therefore, do not need to set up any manual affiliate processes to receive your commissions from any products. 

All the products you are currently subscribed to will automatically be incorporated by Tipalti so that your payments are seamless.

Tipalti Payout Options

Tipalti allows you to receive money via wire transfer, checks, direct deposit, or PayPal.

You can choose any method that is convenient to you, and it will be added to your Tipalti payment preferences. 

Once the accumulated earnings reach $100, you can receive the payout via the payment method of your choice. 

ClickFunnels pays out commissions every 15th and 30th of the month as long as the affiliate has reached the threshold of $100.

If the commissions are not yet high enough to qualify for a payout, they roll over to the next payment period.


Method 2: Integrated API Payments

Apart from Tipalti, ClickFunnels allows you to receive payments via API integration. The various online payment systems have APIs that conveniently integrate with ClickFunnels. 

Some of the most commonly used payment options with API integration on ClickFunnels include:

1. Stripe

Stripe is the most used gateway platform on ClickFunnels.

You can integrate the Stripe API to your funnels and access up to 9 Stripe accounts (depending on the ClickFunnels subscription plan you have).

2. PayPal

PayPal integration is another commonly used payment option on ClickFunnels.

The API integration offered by PayPal to ClickFunnels is commonly referred to as PayPal V2.

With this integration, users can receive live payments via the ClickFunnels LIVE account.

3. EasyPayDirect

EasyPayDirect was one of the first payment methods that allowed users to get paid on ClickFunnels.

To use this service, you will need to retrieve the API key and use it on the ClickFunnels platform.

4. Recurly

Recurly is another payment method that allows a user to have multiple accounts.

On the 2CCX ClickFunnels plan, for instance, you can access up to 27 Recurly accounts.

5. NMI

NMI is a popular payment method that is easy to integrate into the ClickFunnels platform.

Once the API for this method is set up, you can accept payments across various products.

6. Keap

Formerly known as InfusionSoft, Keap allows ClickFunnels users to use an API to receive payments globally.  

Payout Options for Integrated API Payments

As mentioned above, there are many API payment options to choose from when using ClickFunnels. These different methods allow users to receive their earnings via online integration.

For instance, Paypal integration allows users to receive the money to their PayPal account. From there, a user can access their funds via bank transfer or by using a debit card.

Keap, on the other hand, allows users to receive money via card through the app or even in person. 

Payout options from all the API options can include cash, app payments, card payments, and bank transfers.

It is up to the user to choose the most convenient means of receiving their commission payouts. 


Method 3: Other ClickFunnels Affiliate Payment Options

ClickFunnels allows users to connect several payment gateways to their accounts.

The platform has three plans that give you access to up to 27 payment gateways. These gateways include BlueSnap, WarriorPlus, and others.

To start with, the ClickFunnels Basic Plan allows you to integrate three payment gateways.

You can choose an API integration with methods like Keap for an automatic and seamless payment process.

If you don’t want to use an API, you can manually connect a third-party payment method. The ClickFunnels Platinum Plan allows you to integrate nine payment methods.

Finally, the infamous Two Commas Club X plan allows for 27 payment gateways. It is important to note that ClickFunnels will only work with one payment method at a time.

The only way to use two payment methods at a time is by having two separate funnels. With ClickFunnels, you can integrate any of the payment gateways either via API or third-party access.

API integration works for payments within ClickFunnels, while third-party access allows for payments for products outside the ClickFunnels platform.

ClickFunnels Affiliate Tiers and Payout Program

Now that we’ve covered the various payment methods on ClickFunnels, here is a basic structure of the ClickFunnels payout program to give you an idea of how the commission payments work.

Type of AffiliateDetailsPayout Structure
Tier 1There is no application process necessary for this program.

Users are able to promote Books, The One Funnel Challenge, and the 30 Day Summit.
Users earn $1 for the book, 40% for upsells, and 40% commission for 30 Day Summit.

Users earn $100 for the One Funnel Challenge.
Tier 2An affiliate must sell $1000 worth of products in any of the 30 day rolling periods to qualify for this tier.Users can earn 40% on front end products, and 30% on software.

Users also earn 40% on ClickFunnels products and 30% on Funnel products.
Tier 3Affiliates are approved for this tier once they have sold 40 accounts on a monthly basis with their affiliate ID.Users earn 40% on front end products and 40% on software.

Users also earn 40% on ClickFunnels book products and 40% on additional Funnel products.

ClickFunnels Has a Great Record When It Comes to Payment Transfers…

I’ve never heard any affiliate not getting their money from ClickFunnels. It comes with multiple payment methods.

Not only are they transparent, they also pay out regularly and on time. I’ve covered their payout frequency in my article ‘How Often Does ClickFunnels Pay?

Tipalti is the main payment option since ClickFunnels has partnered with the payment platform. It is automated and built into the ClickFunnels platform for efficient payment.

Integrated API payment options also exist on the ClickFunnels platform.

PayPal V2, Stripe, and NMI are some of the payment options that include an API for easy and seamless integration for payments. 

In addition, ClickFunnels allows users to integrate third-party manual payment methods, including PayPal V1, WarriorPlus, and other online payment services.

ClickFunnels has made it easy for people all around the world to receive payment.

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