Sales Funnel Builder (How Much and Where to Spend)

While you can build a converting sales funnel by yourself, it can be time-consuming and hectic. On the other hand, outsourcing will quickly get you a quality sales funnel, albeit at a high price. Subsequently, you need a cheap sales funnel builder to cut down costs and create a tailored funnel.

The cheapest sales funnel builders include GetResponse, Leadpages, Builderall, ClickFunnels, and Kartra. Apart from being the cheapest, all these offer several pricing tiers loaded with different features. The tier structure gives you the freedom to upgrade or downgrade as per your need.

In this post, we’ll break down the cheapest sales funnel builders in the market, what they offer, and some features to look for before investing in one. Read on to find your future funnel builder!

The Cheapest Sales Funnel Builders

Sales Funnel BuilderFree TrialLatest Price
GetResponse Logo30 days free trialForever free version availableCheck Price
LeadPages Logo14 daysCheck Price
Builderall LogoNo free trial (try it at $1 for 30 days)Check Price
ClickFunnels Logo14 daysCheck Price
Kartra LogoNo free trial (try it at $1 for 14 days)Check Price

Affordable Sales Funnel Builders

Here is a comprehensive discussion on the cheapest sales funnel builders available in the market.

1. GetResponse

GetResponse is a powerful and affordable sales funnel builder that helps you increase revenue through sales funnels.

Although regarded as an email marketing software, GetResponse helps you automate and perform many sales funnel functions.

With GetResponse, you can create different types of sales funnel elements such as webinars, lead magnets, opt-ins, and sales.

Therefore, it is an excellent choice for beginners and advanced marketers who are looking for a sales funnel builder.

Key Features of GetResponse

  • GetResponse enables you to create and run email campaigns as well as follow-ups. The best part is that you can set timers for when to send emails. You can also add or unsubscribe specific contacts.
  • It offers 30+ professionally designed and conversion-based templates so you can model your sales funnel on the go.
  • Users can create and change any elements on the landing pages.
  • There’s a social media ads creator to craft ads for Instagram and Facebook within GetResponse.
  • You have the ability to sell landing page products using the GetResponse e-commerce feature.
  • There’s a built-in webinar creator.
  • Secure payment is also included because GetResponse allows you to integrate payment platforms like Paypal.

GetResponse Pricing Plans

To test things out, GetResponse offers you a 30-day free trial.

The software also offers a forever-free plan which features one landing page, a custom domain, a website builder, unlimited newsletters, and sign-up forms.

However, this plan does not facilitate sales funnel building.

Here are the pricing plans of GetResponse

  • Basic: Does not include funnel building.
  • Plus: Allows you to create up to 5 funnels.
  • Professional: Allows you to create unlimited funnels.

2. Leadpages

Leadpages is a leading landing page builder. It’s a great fit for any kind of business or digital marketer. It can also help you build websites, alert bars, and more.

Moreover, Leadpages is cost-effective, making it suitable for startups, medium businesses, and entrepreneurs that are seeking to expand their online reach.

Better yet, it allows you to create a simple sales funnel with a landing page, a pop-up, and a confirmation page.

Its interface is easy to navigate, so anyone can use it. If you prefer simple funnels, then Leadpages is the software for you.

Key Features of LeadPages

  • There’s a drag and drop editor to make page building easy.
  • Leadpages makes smart pop-ups for you. The system triggers the pop-ups at specific intervals. Time, page scroll, and exit intent are some of the triggers.
  • Includes pre-built page templates such as sales, webinars, checkout, lead capture, and more. You can start creating your funnel right away without any technical skills.
  • The program features alert bars, which you can place at the top or bottom of the page. By strategically placing these alert bars, you increase the chances of visibility, hence boosting conversion and engagement.
  • The micro funnel building software gives you a wide scope of integration. Thus, you can merge your pages with other software such as email marketing, analytics, payment gateways, webinar platforms, and more.

Leadpages Pricing Plans

To get you started, Leadpages offers a 14-day free trial period so you can get a glimpse of what to expect from the paid version.

Note that each plan has a different free trial. Hence, you can explore different features for free, depending on the paid plan you select.

You’ll be happy to hear that whichever plan you pick, you will have access to unlimited pop-ups, landing pages, and alert bars.

However, certain features are restricted in lower-tier plans and are only available in higher-cost plans.

  • Standard: You pay for a single website. The plan restricts online selling and payments collection. 
  • Pro: This plan allows you to use Leadpages on three websites. Besides, you can access A/B testing and the rest of the features in the advanced plan.
  • Advanced: Allows access to 50 sites and priority phone tech support. In addition, you are entitled to full software access without any limitations.

3. Builderall

Launched back in 2011, Builderall is an excellent and affordable sales funnel builder with over ten years of success. Over time, the software has made significant improvements.

Now, Builderall is an all-in-one digital marketing platform you can leverage to build a successful business.

Key Features of Builderall

  • The drag and drop feature helps you create various types of sales funnels.
  • Includes useful conversion-boosting elements such as upsells, downsells, countdown timers, and super checkouts.
  • Supports email marketing.
  • Hosts sales funnel webinars while enabling you to use YouTube and Facebook live streaming.
  • Comes with chatbots and CRM
  • Offers dedicated servers for web hosting

Builderall Pricing Plans

Builderall does not offer free versions or free trials. If you wish to test the software, you must pay $1 for 30 days.

The cheaper versions of this program aren’t suitable for building sales funnels, so we’ll only discuss the Premium and Funnel Club.

  • Premium: Allows you to use the funnel builder (albeit without templates). Similarly, you must use less than 15 domains.
  • Funnel club: This allows you access to various funnel templates and other advanced features. You will need to make one upfront payment and then monthly payments for the subsequent months.

4. ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is an effective yet affordable sales funnel builder. Its founders (Russel Brunson and Todd Dickerson) are the pioneers of the sales funnel concept.

They created the software to eliminate all the hard work involved in manual funnel creation. That said, ClickFunnels is an intuitive funnel creator that you can learn to use in a short time.

All you need to do is pick a premade template and customize it to suit your needs. You can also refer to my article on how to build and customise in ClickFunnels.

Key Features of ClickFunnels

  • Tons of pre-made sales funnel templates.
  • Drag and drop editor to simplify funnel editing.
  • One-click upsell tool that automatically upsells to a customer who buys anything from your site.
  • Follow up funnels with an email autoresponder. It enables you to create and run email campaigns within Clickfunnels. However, this feature is only accessible in the platinum plan.
  • Funnel flix feature, which provides learning resources to help you learn the best practices for building a sales funnel.
  • A/B split testing to test various versions of a sales funnel to determine the best one for your needs. 

ClickFunnels Pricing and Plans

To begin with, ClickFunnels gives you a 14-day free trial to try it before subscribing. I have an in-depth article on the ways you can get a completely free account on ClickFunnel.

Its plans are as follows:

  • ClickFunnels Plan: Enables you to create 20 funnels with 100 pages. Additionally, you can add three payment gateways, three domains, and gain access to funnel flix.
  • ClickFunnels Platinum Plan: Allows you to build unlimited funnels and pages. You can integrate nine payment gateways and domains and access priority customer support and funnel flix.

5. Kartra

Kartra is another affordable sales building software. It’s capable of helping you design attractive and high-converting sales funnels. This program is considered to be an all-in-one e-commerce software. 

Kartra can help you create marketplaces, emails, landing pages, forms, membership sites, and, most importantly, sales funnels.

Key Features

  • Offers ready-made templates to help you design your funnel with ease. Better yet, Kartra allows you to import top-performing sales funnels of its users.
  • Built-in help desk support system that can offer timely support via live chats and support tickets.
  • It supports video hosting, so you won’t need to use third parties like YouTube and Vimeo.
  • Kartra calendars to help you stay organized and on track.
  • Kartra affiliates allows you to create and share campaigns with networks around your products.

Kartra Pricing and Plans

Kartra charges $1 to try their software for 14 days.

At the end of the trial period, you must upgrade to a monthly or yearly plan to continue using the service. Here are the plans:

  • Starter: This is the cheapest plan. You can connect one domain, create two membership sites, and create 100 pages and 50 videos.
  • Silver Plan: The Silver Plan allows you to create unlimited pages, emails, videos, and membership sites. However, you are limited to 3 domains and 12,500 leads.
  • Gold Plan: You get five domains and 25,000 leads. But you can create everything else (such as emails and sales products) without a limit.
  • Platinum Plan: This plan gives you access to 10 custom domains and 50,000 leads. As for the rest of the features, you will get unlimited access to everything.

What to Look for in a Cheap Sales Funnel Builder?

When you’re looking for a suitable sales funnel building software, the cost is certainly an important factor to consider.

However, other than price, you need to consider several other factors when making your choice. It is also worth noting that cheap options often come with some restrictions.

Simply choosing the cheapest service/plan won’t always give you the best results. 

To help you make your choice, let’s go over the factors to consider when choosing an affordable yet functional funnel-building software.

1. Ease of Use

A sales funnel builder should be easy to use, especially if you are just starting out. An easy-to-use tool gets work done quickly, saving time and other resources.

For instance, you shouldn’t need to learn coding skills or engage in trial and error to learn how the software works.

Ideally, the software should have a drag and drop editor, landing page templates, and other editable sales funnel templates.

It should also be easy to install and use immediately afterward.

Finally, check whether your team will need any training to use the software. In addition, find out the number of supported users to avoid the frustrations of user restrictions if you have a large team.

2. Ability to Create and Assess Several Funnels

When selling multiple products, it is sometimes necessary to create different funnels for each one.

Besides, as your business scales, your marketing strategies will evolve. Will your chosen funnel builder work for you when that time comes?

Therefore, be keen to avoid software that only gives you a single funnel since it could hinder the growth of your business.

Go for a tool that lets you create as many funnels as possible (depending on your budget).

3. Automation Tools

Automated processes make it easy and hassle-free to run and manage your business. Tools like email autoresponders help you create email sequences, tagging systems, and lists.

As a result, you can quickly share information with your audience, thus building better relationships. With automation, you can set specific tags to send various emails to the right audience at specific intervals.

Consequently, you will not endure the agony of scrolling through multiple contacts to select the right ones to email. Your campaigns will run seamlessly if you use an automated email system.

4. Compatibility With Other Apps

Creating an effective sales and marketing strategy may require several additional tools. This may overwhelm the user since juggling software programs is no easy feat.

Therefore, your best bet is to invest in a one-in-all software that does everything for you.

However, when it is not possible to acquire an all-inclusive software, ensure you select one that can integrate third-party apps like CRMs.

Also, ensure it is compatible with your current website and landing pages.

5. Customer Support

When it comes to sales funnels, customer support cannot be taken for granted. Although software simplifies the building process, sales funnels are not something you can get up and running in a day.

From integration to customization, there is a lot you need to handle. Therefore, it is in your best interest to choose software with live support for when you get stuck or have questions.

6. A/B Split Testing

A/B testing is a must-have feature for any software you select. This is because you will need to create different variations of sales funnels until you land an effective one.

Consequently, you will need to test the funnels and all the content within them. Additionally, testing will help you deliver the best user experience while giving your page the required attention.

What to Look for in a Cheap Sales Funnel Builder

Cheap vs Quality? Is It a Compromise?

In the modern market, businesses face stiff competition, resulting in higher customer acquisition costs. As a result, you need to manage costs by using low-cost funnel builders.

Our list of cheapest sales funnel builders above will save you money while also giving you high-quality service.

In addition to the cost consideration, ensure the software aligns with your marketing efforts and goals. Otherwise, you will pay more overall if you purchase software that does not work for you.

Ultimately, taking advantage of the trial periods is a great way to determine whether a given software will work for you.

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