Is Clickfunnels Worth It? (Will a Wix Sales Funnel Suffice?)

With sales funnels becoming more and more popular in the world of e-commerce, the question of whether or not you can create a sales funnel on Wix is on many people’s minds.

Creating a sales funnel with Wix is possible, but the price and difficulty will depend on the type of funnel you are building. While an Opt-In Funnel is cheap and easy to create in virtually any website builder, a Free Plus Shipping Funnel will require more time, skill, money, and effort.

I decided to build a sales funnel using both ClickFunnels (a famous funnel builder) and Wix. I did this to compare the difficulty, features, and results to decide which one is better and for what purposes.

ClickFunnels vs Wix: Creating An Opt-In Funnel

Creating an Opt-In Funnel with Wix is possible, cheap, and easy! The Opt-In Funnel is the most common and most straightforward funnel to build.

All you need is a Wix account and a domain name. You can build an Opt-In Funnel in Wix for as little as $7/month.

Creating an Opt-In Funnel with ClickFunnels is the easiest and most effective option. However, it will be exponentially more expensive because even their cheapest plan starts at $97/month.

This type of funnel typically consists of three simple steps:

Step 1 – A visitor is presented with an offer (also known as the Lead Magnet) to collect their contact information. They may also be able to access more content by subscribing to the website.

Step 2 – After they subscribe, they will be redirected to a “Thank You Page,” where they will see a thank you message and instructions asking them to check their email inbox.

Step 3 – The visitor receives the content in their email inbox.

ClickFunnels vs Wix Creating An Opt-In Funnel

Building an Opt-In Funnel on ClickFunnels vs Wix

For the sake of this experiment, I’m using a Standard ClickFunnels Account ($97/month) and a Basic Business Plan on Wix ($21/month).

When it comes to building an Opt-In Funnel, I’m surprised to say that I like Wix with the Basic Business Plan more than I like ClickFunnels with the Standard Plan.

Here’s why:

1. Pricing of Wix vs. ClickFunnels

The total cost of building this funnel on Wix is $21/month, as you will only need a “Business Basic” plan.

The total cost of building this funnel on ClickFunnels is $97/month + the cost of any email marketing software of your choice (some companies offer free plans).

2. Building an Opt-In Funnels On Wix

Both softwares work with drag n’ drop page builders.

However, the Wix builder is many times more powerful than ClickFunnels’ and doesn’t glitch as frequently.

Building an Opt-In Funnels On Wix

With the Wix builder, you can move things as you like. If you’ve ever used any design software such as Figma, Sketch, or InDesign, the experience is very similar.

The only disadvantage I found is that this service doesn’t offer any pre-designed funnel templates.

If the term funnel template feels alien to you, I have written in-depth articles on basics of a funnel template and how to create one.

Connecting the opt-in box to the already integrated email marketing software is quick and easy on Wix.

Building an Opt-In Funnels On Wix 2

3. Building an Opt-In Funnel on ClickFunnels

With the ClickFunnels site builder, you are limited to three different types of blocks:

  • Sections
  • Rows
  • Elements

If you want to edit your content outside of these three elements, you will have to use custom CSS code, which most people won’t be able to do unless they’re tech-savvy.

Building an Opt-In Funnel on ClickFunnels

It’s also important to note that the ClickFunnels editor sometimes has bugs that might push you to save your current session and reload the builder.

If the ClickFunnels editor acts up for you, too, then do read my ClickFunnels Editor Troubleshooting Guide. It’s a problem I didn’t have while working with the Wix editor.

When it comes to email marketing, you don’t have any kind of email software included, and you’ll have to use integrations to connect your funnel and an Email Service Provider (ESP).

The difficulty of this will depend on which ESP you’re using.

4. Pros and Cons of Using Wix for Opt-In Funnels


  • Easy to set-up
  • The cheapest option ($7/month)
  • Powerful email marketing tool available on their premium plans


  • Their ‘Connect Domain’ plan will show Wix Ads
  • You do not have pre-designed templates for this type of funnel
  • You won’t see detailed funnel analytics
  • You do not have the option to create split-tests that will help increase funnel conversions

5. Pros and Cons of Using ClickFunnels for Opt-In Funnels


  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Pre-designed templates that will speed up the funnel-building process
  • Split-test option to easily create variations of your opt-in funnel
  • Funnel analytics to find out what percentage of people are opting-in


  • At $97/month, a ClickFunnels standard account costs almost 14x more than a Wix ‘Custom Domain’ account
  • It doesn’t include any email marketing tools, so you have to either upgrade to their premium plan or integrate another email marketing tool

6. Rating ClickFunnels vs. Wix (For Opt-In Funnels)

Page Builder6/109/10
Ease Of Use9/109/10

So, if your goal is to build a simple Opt-In Funnel to get leads and grow your email list, Wix is your best option.

Not only is it many times cheaper than ClickFunnels, but it has more features available, and the tools are easier to use.

ClickFunnels vs Wix: Creating A Free + Shipping Funnel

Creating a Free + Shipping Sales Funnel with Wix is possible and more affordable than other options in the market. However, it is NOT recommended as the complexity increases exponentially.

On the other hand, creating a Free + Shipping Funnel with ClickFunnels is the easiest and most effective option. This is even more evident in my article on ‘Why ClickFunnels is the easiest funnel builder?

Although the standard plan is many times more expensive than Wix, the functionality and features ClickFunnels has to offer will save you time and headaches.

To know about all the cool features ClickFunnels has to offer, read my take on various ClickFunnels features and what makes them tick.

This type of funnel typically consists of five steps:

Step 1 – The Lead Magnet is offered for free, and the visitor’s email is collected (check “How To Create An Opt-In Funnel With Wix”).

Step 2 – Instead of redirecting to a “Thank You Page,” the visitor gets redirected to a sales page where they get presented with the “Free + Shipping Offer”.

Step 3 – Once they purchase the front-end offer, they get presented with an upsell for a more expensive article. This is where the business will make its profits. The magic of “Free + Shipping Offers” happens during these upsells.

Step 4 – The customer can choose to accept the upsell by clicking one button without adding their credit card information again.

Step 5 – The customer gets redirected to a thank you page.

ClickFunnels vs Wix Creating A Free Shipping Funnel

Building a Free+Shipping Funnel On ClickFunnels vs Wix

1. Pricing of Wix vs. ClickFunnels

The total cost of building this funnel on Wix is $34.95/month. You will need a “Business Basic” plan and an additional tool for your upsells called “AppSell,” which begins at $14.95/month.

The total cost of building this funnel on ClickFunnels is $97/month + the cost of any email marketing software of your choice (some companies offer free plans).

Now, are these prices justified and within a reasonable range? Read my article on around how much a sales funnel should cost you.

2. Building a Free+Shipping Funnel On Wix

Ok, here’s where it got tricky… very tricky.

First, because Wix doesn’t have a “Sales Funnel” option or plan, you would need to use their E-commerce features and adapt them to fit your specific funnel needs.

An example of this could be:

  • Adding your main product and upsells to a single website but hiding the “Catalog” page so the customer can not see (or buy) the upsells outside of the funnel.
  • Finding a link to your main product page and making sure all of your purchase buttons are redirecting to it.

By playing with these features, you will probably find yourself confused and will waste a ton of unnecessary time figuring out tech issues.

Trust me, this comes from personal experience!

Creating Email Sequences

One thing I did like about Wix was its integrated email marketing tool. It makes it easy to send automated follow-up emails to your customers when they stop at some point in your funnel.

For those leads that didn’t finish ordering: You can set a rule to automatically send an “Abandoned Cart” email sequence.

This will recover a percentage of these leads, and as a result, you will increase your conversions.

For leads that don’t immediately take your upsell: You can send an email sequence that reminds your leads how much time they have left to claim their discount.

Creating Email Sequences

Dealing with Order Bumps and Upsells

With a Free+Shipping Funnel, you don’t always profit from the front-end offer. Most of the profits are made on the back-end by increasing your average cart value (ACV) with your upsells and order bumps.

Upsells and order bumps are required if we want this type of funnel to work (yes, there are various types of sales funnels).

Unfortunately, Wix does not have an integrated One-Click-Upsell feature, and I couldn’t find a way to add order bumps to the checkout page.

Adding Upsells with “AppSell”

If we want to add the upsell feature on Wix, we have to use an add-on or external app.

The one I found works best for this purpose was “AppSell,” which can be found in Wix’s App Market. This add-on has a 3-day free trial, and its most affordable plan begins at $14.95/month.

However, it does not offer the full upsell functionality you can find on ClickFunnels. The design options are limited, and you will have to add them to the Thank You Page.

Adding Upsells with AppSell

3. Building a Free + Shipping Funnel on ClickFunnels

Building this type of funnel inside of ClickFunnels is a complete relief.

It has every tool you need for your funnels (analytics, upsells, downsells, order bumps) fully integrated into its site builder.

  • Want to add a Downsell? Simply add it to your workflow in the menu.
  • Want to add an order bump? Just click on your order form and activate the order bump option.
  • Want to add an upsell? Add as many upsell pages as you want.

By not using add-ons or bringing in third-party software, you can build your whole funnel up to 4x faster using ClickFunnels. Plus, there are barely any tech headaches.

Your Analytics In One Place

Another thing I like about ClickFunnels is having all your analytics in one place. The stats tab will provide all kinds of helpful information.

You can use it to see how your opt-in page is performing, which dates had the best statistics and look for weaknesses in your funnel.

This is not possible with Wix. While you can check some website stats, they are all over the place, and you may have to visit external sites to find them.

On top of that, you won’t have nearly as many data points to help you make decisions. The best solution I found to this problem was adding Google Analytics to your Wix site.

But as you can see, the complexity and amount of external tools you need increases with every feature.

Your Analytics In One Place

Creating Email Sequences

A thing I do not like about ClickFunnels is that it doesn’t include its email marketing tool “Follow Up Funnels” in its Standard plan.

If you want to unlock all of their email marketing features, you would have to upgrade to their Premium Plan.

At $297/month, this plan costs almost three times more than the Standard option. This is a huge price jump, especially for businesses on a budget.

That’s why most of these businesses opt for integrating with more affordable email marketing tools.

4. Pros and Cons of using Wix for Free + Shipping Funnels


  • Cheaper than ClickFunnels
  • Email marketing tool is integrated (easily create email marketing flows)


  • Hard to set up
  • Difficult to add order bumps to the checkout
  • Up-sells don’t look great even with external apps
  • Need external apps for analytics
  • If a single external tool breaks, the whole funnel breaks

5. Pros and Cons of Using ClickFunnels for Free + Shipping Funnels


  • Easy to set up
  • Set up 4x faster than with Wix
  • Easy to add upsells, cross-sells, down sells, order bumps
  • Your funnel analytics in a single place
  • No risk of your funnel breaking unexpectedly


  • More expensive than Wix
  • Needs to be upgraded to the $297 premium plan to access email marketing features

6. Rating ClickFunnels vs. Wix (Free + Shipping Funnel)

Ease Of Use10/106/10

Turns out, building a “Free + Shipping” Funnel on Wix is possible and more affordable than with ClickFunnels.

However, for most people, it’s not worth the headache and the amount of time it takes to set up.

In the end, yes, my Wix Funnel was technically working. But the functionality and user experience were not even close to what you can expect when you use ClickFunnels.

On top of that, you don’t know when things can break. This makes your funnel completely useless and will cost you conversions.

ClickFunnels vs Wix: Creating A Webinar Funnel

Some businesses find that it makes sense to include a webinar funnel for their product/service.

However, creating a Webinar Funnel with Wix is definitely not recommended. Wix lacks most of the tools needed to build a webinar funnel (I daresay not even ClickFunnels has all of them.)

If creating a Free + Shipping Funnel on Wix was challenging, I can’t imagine what building a Webinar Funnel would be like.

ClickFunnels, on the other hand, has a template specifically designed for Webinar Funnels. For a simple Webinar, this feature works great.

For the most complete webinar that includes things like timers, scheduling, recordings, live chat, etc., you might want to try an option like WebinarJam.

Wix vs ClickFunnels Should Never Be a Debate

You can use Wix and ClickFunnels to build sales funnels. However, comparing the two is unfair because they are tools built with completely different objectives in mind.

Wix is a tool to build websites, while ClickFunnels is a tool that was designed to build sales funnels. Wix and ClickFunnels are both impressive tools when they are used for their intended purpose.

Wix works great if you want to build a website (or a simple opt-in funnel). ClickFunnels has every feature you need to build your sales funnel under one roof without using any third-party software.

When it comes to building most types of sales funnels, ClickFunnels is the clear winner. Now whether to switch to ClickFunnel completely for a main website you can look through my article here.

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