Best ClickFunnels Landing Pages | And Why They Stand Out

A well-designed landing page is a crucial element of a successful funnel. The landing page is where you make your first impression and try to convince potential customers to stay on your site and make a purchase. But what are some of the best landing pages, and what makes them stand out?

The best ClickFunnels landing pages should capture the visitor’s attention and convince them to take the desired action. Examples of landing pages that stand out are American Orchid Society, Evan Mark Katz, John Lee Dumas, Ad Outreach, Seidel Agency, Travel Secrets, and Proofread Anywhere.

Let’s go through each of these examples and analyze what makes them stand out from the competition. Maybe you’ll spot a few elements to include in your own funnels!

Top ClickFunnels Landing Pages

1. John Lee Dumas (The Common Path to Uncommon Success)

The first time you set your eyes on John Lee Dumas’ landing page, it’s immediately apparent what he sells.

The black background makes the white text and yellow buttons stand out.

His book’s landing page headline, “The Common Path to Uncommon Success,” is written in eye-catching bold text. A short description of the page follows the headline.

The logos of different authority brands (Forbes, US News, Success & Inc.) that he’s been featured on are placed prominently.

On the left is a video that acts as a summary of the landing page. The simplistic video exudes confidence in anyone looking for financial freedom.

The CTA (call to action) is placed prominently at the top before you scroll down the page.

In addition, the two purchase options, order now and bulk buying, are placed next to each to help you choose the one that best suits you.

As you scroll down the page, you find a section with quotes from people who have read the book and loved it.

Reviews from business industry gurus like Gary Vaynerchuk and Neil Patel give you every reason to buy the book.

After that, John Lee gives his credentials and a snippet of what to expect in the book.

If that wasn’t enough to convince you, he also offers a free preview of the book below that. Finally, there’s another CTA to buy the book.

What Makes John Lee Dumas Landing Page Stand Out?

  • Straightforward and catchy headline.
  • The black background makes the texts eye-catching.
  • Video on the side acts as a summary of sorts and gives you an overview of the page.
  • Quotes from authority figures and reviews from business gurus.
  • A free preview is offered before the final CTA.
John Lee Dumas (The Common Path to Uncommon Success)

2. Ad Outreach

Figures have a way of catching our attention, and this is precisely what Ad Outreach does with its landing page.

They use numbers and statistics to show you how they can help your business.

The headline “How To Leverage YouTube Video Ads To Scale Your Business 7 or 8+ Figures” is enough to make anyone curious.

The conspicuous inclusion of the YouTube logo gives you an idea of what the page is all about in a blink. It also creates a sense of familiarity.

Apart from that, the offer time counter above the headline builds a sense of urgency.

If you land on the page and the product matches your needs, you’ll feel like you don’t want to miss the discount.

At the bottom left, the number of people who have viewed the page and recent purchases keep flying in.

This is a type of social proof, and it subconsciously tells you that the product is in demand.

Below the top column is a series of testimonials from students who have taken the course. Then there are several screenshots to show the results of taking the course.

The frozen CTA at the top allows potential clients to join the course at any time. However, I must say that the page is fairly long, and it requires a lot of scrolling.

What Makes Ad Outreach Landing Page Stand Out?

  • Numbers and statistics that matter to potential clients.
  • The offer time counter builds a sense of urgency.
  • There is social proof in the form of recent purchases and the number of people who have viewed the page.
  • Testimonials and screenshots show the success after taking the course.
  • CTA froze at the top of the page.
Ad Outreach

3. American Orchid Society

Who doesn’t like free giveaways for things that they love?

The American Orchid Society entices you with a free Orchid Magazine that you can get by giving them your name and email.

The name of the organization and the headline are placed prominently at the top, with the CTA right below it.

The image of the beautiful Orchid Magazine on the right catches your attention as an orchid enthusiast.

This landing page is different because they give away a free magazine for a low-commitment action.

The green color is associated with nature and gives a calming vibe to orchid owners. The short length of the page is also a bonus because you don’t have to scroll down much.

The page highlights what you can expect from the magazine. It successfully arouses curiosity without giving away too much information.

This makes you want to sign up to see what else is in store for you. You get a sign-up form to fill out your name and email below the main section.

After that, there are several testimonials to persuade you if you’re still on the fence. Lastly, there is another CTA.

What Makes American Orchid Society Landing Page Stand Out?

  • Free magazine for a low-commitment action.
  • Short and precise page.
  • Curiosity-arousing section without giving too much information.
  • CTAs are placed strategically throughout the page.
  • Relevant theme color.
American Orchid Society

4. Proofread Anywhere

If there is a landing page that uses color playfully, it is Proofread Anywhere. The ocean blue and white colors complement each other and create a refreshing look.

The term “Proofreading Business” is in a bigger and bolder font to let you know what the page is about right away.

Also, to show credibility, the page mentions the age of the course and the number of impacted students.

The time counter has a short deadline to create a sense of urgency. The progress bar below the CTA lets you know how much time is left before you need to commit.

Below the email form, there are different authority company logos to show that the course is credible and featured in well-known publications.

Another thing that stands out about the landing page is the indication of the time it will take for each process.

This is an essential factor for people who want to know what they’re getting into. The last thing on the page is an introduction to the course and why it is necessary.

What Makes Proofread Anywhere Landing Page Stand Out?

  • Colorful and refreshing look that creates a sense of familiarity.
  • Detailed information about the course, instructor, and what you will get.
  • Credibility is established with logos of well-known publications.
  • Indication of time for each process.
Proofread Anywhere

5. Maverick Media Lab

Questions have a way of lingering in your mind, and Maverick Media Lab’s landing page has taken advantage of that.


immediately captures your attention and makes you want to find out more.

There is also a video playing in the background to give you a taste of the content.

The video has comprehensive information about the benefits the company offers. Instead of the limited-time offer, Maverick Media lab takes an interesting approach.

The company claims to offer services to a single client in each city, and they call upon you to claim your city.

This is an effective way to make people feel special and create a sense of urgency.

The landing page plays perfectly with different fonts, colors, and text sizes. The CTA buttons are also placed in strategic positions to get you to take action.

The company also displays different clients they have worked with in the past to showcase their credibility.

Apart from that, there are also testimonials from several clients who have used the services. Interestingly, the testimonials are in video form, making them more personal.

Several notifications also keep flying in to show different people who have booked a call with Maverick Media Lab.

What Makes Maverick Media Lab Landing Page Stand Out?

  • The big, bold font captures attention.
  • The video that plays in the background.
  • Single client per city approach.
  • There are testimonials in video form.
Maverick Media Lab

6. Evan Marc Katz

When it comes to matters of the heart, Evan Marc Katz knows how to make an impact.

The first thing you see on the landing page is a big, bold font “HOW TO GAIN Confidence, ATTRACT Quality MEN AND CREATE LASTING LOVE Fast.”

The font combo highlights the important adjectives to grab attention.

In a show of mastery to get contact information, the page provides a form where potential clients should fill in their details to watch a video for free.

But that is not enough; below the form, you get a highlight of what to expect from the video.

The page also highlights the process of booking a session with Marc. His credentials are also on display, which is an effective approach.

Below the credentials is the last section, which includes another call to action.

What Makes Evan Marc Katz Landing Page Stand Out?

  • The big and bold font highlights what matters to the target audience.
  • The video freebie offers points on what to expect.
  • Credentials and highlights of where the coach has been featured.
Evan Marc Katz

7. 0-100K

The 0-100K landing page has a very simple design. The headline has primary words highlighted in a different font and size.

If you land on the page, you will instantly understand that it’s about online business.

Below the headline is a captivating statement claiming that you can be selling in a week if you sign up. Most clients want to know when they should expect results.

On the right, there is a form to capture your details. But it goes beyond that. Alison also wants to know the stage of your business to “serve you better.”

This is a perfect way to segment your email list. The submit button is also enticing and big enough to accommodate the words “Get These Secrets for Free.”

The page highlights that the coach has used these methods, so you can rely on them as well.

The 0-100K page highlights different authority sites where Alison has been featured.

The simple process of steps makes the client believe they can also make it if they subscribe to the resources.

What Makes 0-100K Landing Page Stand Out?

  • Good choice of words in the headline.
  • The form captures more than just an email address.
  • The submit button is enticing.

8. The Travel Secret

A black background has a way of creating a pop for the simplest designs.

The white headline and combo fonts blend well with the background to capture the reader’s attention.

Above the headline is a question that requires an affirmative answer to evoke curiosity. It makes potential customers feel that the book is meant for them.

The next thing you see is an image of the book with the limited offer texted below. This approach entices the client to learn more about the offer.

But that is not all; The Travel Secret guarantees that if you don’t like their book, you can get your money back within 30 days.

Again, this is a great way to show confidence in a product. There are numerous reviews of the book listed on the page to show more social proof.

The last section has a call to action that is nice and big.

What Makes The Travel Secret Landing Page Stand Out?

  • The black background works well with the white headline.
  • Provoking question above the headline.
  • Limited offer entices clients to know more.
The Travel Secret

9. The Seidel Agency

When you see a headline that pinpoints exactly what you are looking for, you can’t help but want to find out more.

This is what The Seidel Agency does with their headline “Do You Want to Learn How To Build a Successful Online Business?”.

The page makes maximum use of its space. They have different sections, each with a call to action.

The first section has an opt-in form that summarizes what the company does. This makes it easy to identify the solutions Seidel provides.

The inclusion of an informational video shows what the company is all about without bombarding the client with too much information.

Also, the page has used captivating terms like “from looking to booking” to get the client’s attention.

The last section has a strong call to action that is in a contrasting color with the background. This makes it easy to find and click on.

What Makes The Seidel Agency Landing Page Stand Out?

  • Question headline captures attention.
  • The use of space provides room for different sections.
  • Informational video shows what the company is all about.
  • There are captivating terms throughout the page.
  • It uses a compelling call to action at the end.
The Seidel Agency


A good landing page should have a captivating headline, an opt-in form, social proof, and a convincing call to action.

The pages we have highlighted above use these elements in unique ways that make them stand out.

If you apply these techniques to your own landing pages, you should also know how to blend different elements to create a lasting impression.

Understanding the meaning of colors and how they complement your brand will be a bonus. When creating a landing page, keep these elements in mind.

With a little creativity, you can come up with a page that will capture the attention of your target clients.

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