AI Chat Funnel: Your 4-step SECRET Weapon for Conversions

Your target audience just discovered your website/product because of your astute SEO, ads, or something else! This is the time to approach them, right? However, the only issue that may arise is interaction. You may not be present at that very moment to address their needs and concerns. This is where AI chatbot funnels come in.

An AI chat funnel is a strategy designed for target audiences that have found your brand online. It ensures optimal consumer interaction to assist in sales funnel processes and guide them through the customer journey. Integrating AI chatbots into your website can help drive more conversions.

Thanks to AI chatbots and sales funnels, management teams can approach and interact with their visitors to guide them throughout the buying process. You can harness the power of AI chatbot funnels to boost customer interaction and drive conversion. But how? Let’s find out.

Why Do You Need an AI Chat Funnel?

AI chatbots are key in enhancing and enriching your website’s customer interaction. No matter what query your visitor has, the tools have a prompt response for them all.

However, there’s more to these AI chatbot funnels. Here’s how they can help business management teams and marketers today:

1. 24/7 Live Interaction

Your potential customers may lose interest if they don’t hear from you promptly. AI chat funnels help you communicate and engage your target audience 24/7.

They leverage artificial intelligence algorithms to create instant responses to any customer query.

24_7 Live Interaction

2. Customer Segmentation

From preferences and age to demographics and buying patterns, an AI chatbot funnel can gather these data types.

By using such insights, marketing teams can easily identify and segment groups of customers and send them targeted chats.

This will save you from boring your leads with irrelevant content and ads that they won’t resonate with.

3. Conversion Automation

Sending messages is one instance of process automation. But why allocate that task to the marketing team when AI chatbots can take care of that in seconds?

The AI bot automatically transmits the information when you specify the groups and messages you wish to send. The same holds for techniques like customer segmentation.

Set the group’s parameters and the group’s membership to accomplish this. The message is immediately forwarded to every potential customer who satisfies the criteria.

How To Create AI Chat Funnels?

Step 1: Greet Your Visitors/Potential Customers

Remember that you just have 20 seconds to hold a visitor’s interest. Start the AI chatbot funnel. Choose how and when your chatbot will welcome site visitors to encourage them to participate in the chat.

Visitors may pay different attention to different parts of your page depending on where they came from—an advertisement, a backlink, or an email campaign.

To ensure consumer engagement, create a conversation trigger of 10 to 20 seconds once they land on your page. Once the visitor has reached your page, you can greet them and pose a qualifying query.

This is your message of opt-in. To start the sales funnel, your chatbot assists or asks about the customer’s visit.

How you’ve designed your website encourages users to click through to your product pages.

For example, you can identify trends like visitors starting conversations on the pricing page or exiting your site. An AI chatbot can help retain customers in the sales funnel by simplifying this process.

They provide a distinctive blend of AI capabilities, live chat, and messaging to assist customers promptly.

Greet Your Visitors-Potential Customers

Step 2: Grab Their Attention With an AI Chatbot

Now that you have sent a prompt response to the consumer, you have their attention. Then, leverage the AI chatbot to proceed to the next stage of the sales funnel and send relevant inquiries.

The more they trust you, the more they engage. By clearing all their doubts and queries, you get a step closer to making a conversion.

So, what’s the most sensible question to ask after greeting them? You can ask:

“How can we assist you?”

Based on the AI chatbot tool you use, the prospect can either type their request or query or select it via the available buttons. This will keep the sales funnel moving.

However, what marketers must remember is to avoid asking too many questions. Simply ask them questions and proceed to product/website recommendations.

This is the perfect time to prompt your AI chatbot to request their name and email ID.

Eliminating the need for annoying pop-up forms to create your database facilitates follow-up later and helps with email marketing.

When the prospect moves down a funnel, it creates space for more prospects at the top of the funnel. To have a system, it is important to keep filling the top of the funnel.

Else, you’ll run out of prospects sooner or later. My guide on ‘How to keep your sales funnel full?‘ will help to never run out of prospects in your sales funnel.

Step 3: Take Action

The customer journey enters the decision-making phase when the AI chatbot funnel reaches the pinnacle.

Although a customer can decide to move along the sales process or not based on various factors, let’s focus on the three common actions they take and how AI chatbots can help:

  • The potential customer buys something: The AI chatbot funnel and website usability finally bear fruit by converting a prospect and gaining a new customer. If the purchase isn’t done yet, let’s discuss how to follow up in the next step.
  • The consumer has a few more queries: The consumer may require further assistance from a real-time representative, as AI chatbots can only prompt responses within a specific range. In such scenarios, AI chatbots are designed to redirect the consumer to any representative or pass the consumer’s info to them.
  • The consumer leaves the transaction: In this case, the AI chatbot sends a request email to the customer, urging them to return and address what made them abandon the transaction. If the customer doesn’t reply to the email or message, the AI chatbot will ensure seamless interaction once they return.

Your funnel may work even though a visitor didn’t buy from you the first time. With the assistance of the best AI chatbot funnel, it continuously shapes the lead’s perception of your brand.

It may only require a few adjustments to its response time, mapping, or script.

Take Action

Step 4: Follow-Up

Your work doesn’t end when a prospect makes a purchase and turns into a buying customer. You can make them return frequently and drive more by ensuring a positive after-service experience.

To do so, prompt the AI chatbot to send them a thank-you message whenever they purchase and invite them to one of your social groups.

Now that you know how to create an AI chatbot funnel, let’s move on to some tools that can help you achieve that goal.

Best AI Chat Funnels For Your Website

1. Flow XO

Flow XO is one of the top AI chatbots for small and large organisations. You can use this tool to build a highly engaging chatbot to welcome visitors, produce qualified leads, and collect user insights.

It integrates with over 100 apps to collect user data without interfering with the user experience. You can construct flows to manage the bot-user communication as you see fit.

Key Features:

  • Supports Sandbox, Telegram, WhatsApp, Slack, and more
  • Payment wall integration
  • Pre-filtered leads
  • Integration with 100+ cloud-based apps like Knack

2. Chat Sonic

This revolutionary chat program offers quick and effective communication while giving users a smooth and interesting experience.

Chat Sonic transforms how people connect and communicate online with its features and functionalities.

Key Features:

  • Real-time communication for instant and seamless conversations
  • Fast and high-performance application with minimal latency
  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation and effortless messaging
  • Support multimedia sharing, including images, videos, audio clips, and documents

3. Chatfuel

Chatfuel is among the top AI chatbots for your needs if you’re looking for a no-code chatbot that provides a terrific experience.

It provides 21 free templates that can be altered to create unique flows.

White labelling is even permitted by the premium plans, which is great for small organizations that can’t afford to build their chatbots.

You can clone chatbot flows and run A/B tests to improve performance.

Key Features:

  • Automatic publishing
  • Collaboration
  • User segmentation
  • Canned responses
  • Flow-oriented processing
  • Contact database
  • Drip campaigns
Best AI Chatbot Funnels For Your Website

Chat Feels Personalized

With AI chatbot funnels, you can create complex customer journeys using fascinating techniques like conditional statements and branching logic.

But the biggest advantage of a chatbot is that it can make the conversation feels personalized with adaptive AI intelligence instead of the generic email sequence.

Also, your AI chatbot funnel doesn’t have to be intricate to be useful. Keep it simple and you’ll be pleased with the outcomes if you produce anything that connects with the consumers.

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