About Us

Hi, I’m Shailen Vandeyar

Shailen Vandeyar - About Me

Welcome to my passion project, Funnel Teacher.

I’m a sales funnel geek who loves creating funnels, studying more about them, and sharing my knowledge with anyone who shares my passion.

I’ve been covered by publications like Forbes India, Fashion Week Daily, Thrive Global, Tech Times, Village Voice, Menafn, Leaders Perception, and many more!

My love for all types of funnels started in 2015 when ClickFunnels was getting increasingly popular.

I purchased a membership by borrowing some money (yes, I was kind of broke!)……and have never looked back.

Today, when I understand funnels a bit more than when I started, I’m amazed at how simple tools and concepts come together and create something that essentially becomes a money-making machine.

And that’s why I’m hooked to this world.

As I got more involved in the world of funnels, I saw some gaps between what people wanted to know and what they were being told about.

Funnels are made to look like insanely complicated and expensive things, which are not for everyone.

This is far from the truth! Perhaps the gatekeeping is because not everyone wants you to be a funnel expert and increase the competition.

Busting the myths and filling the content gaps is a great way for me to serve this community of funnel lovers.

And that’s why FunnelTeacher.com was born.

My Team

A big shout out to Shashank Verma, David Karinguri, Emily Lawrence, Daniel Sebastian, Anas Siddiqui, Stephen Ngunya, Nishant Sapra, and Bharti Negi for contributing to this website through their expertise.

This website is dedicated to funnels and everything around them. We all love to know about funnels! Each one of us at Funnel Teacher is an enthusiast in one area or another.

From marketing to sales, from leads to conversion and customer retention, we have you covered!

Let’s be as open and welcoming to others as the top of the funnel and filter myths and disinformation like the narrow pipe at the bottom.

We hope you enjoy all our content and share something cool that you know about funnels. Check out our articles; we’ve tried our best!